Academia, where mental and physical onanism come together

Source: Hot Air

It’s no surprise to anybody that academics lean left.

Very, very far left. About the only place outside an Antifa rally that you can find a red-blooded communist (see what I did there?) is in a faculty lounge. There is nothing more attractive to some academics than a murderous totalitarian masking herself as a champion of the people.

But usually those professors do their best to pretend that they aren’t partisans or ideologues, but rather even-handed searchers for the truth.

So there is something refreshing when a professor takes off the mask and states outright what her colleagues try to hide: they hate Republicans and conservatives and consider them enemies.

That’s what Professor Silke-Maria Weineck wrote in an essay for The Chronicle of Higher Education on September 6. Republicans are right to consider academics their enemy–because they are.

Via the invaluable College Fix. 

Under the circumstances, it is not merely acceptable to denounce the GOP — clearly, loudly, profanely,” she wrote. “It is our ethical and professional duty.”

She wrote further that Republicans have a “longstanding contempt for knowledge and expertise” in fields that include “history, public health, climate change, or ecology.” While writing her essay calling for denunciation of half of the country, Weineck argued that “colleges are not, in fact, left-wing institutions.”

“Rather, they are hierarchical operations largely dedicated to reproducing a social order that benefits the upper-middle class, liberals and conservatives alike,” she wrote.

So academics have a duty to denounce Republicans…because colleges are “operations largely dedicated to reproducing a social order that benefits the upper-middle class, liberals and conservatives alike.” I guess that means she denounces colleges too, since they are simply tools of the racist-sexist-cis-hetero-capitalist pig patriarchy. Or am I missing something here?

Something tells me that Weinek wants colleges to stick around, at least long enough to ensure she has a cushy gig until she retires with great benefits.

It’s not just one deranged professor spouting off. This attitude is nearly a consensus at colleges and universities. Cornell professors are open about their own contempt for Republicans, telling the Cornell Daily Sun (the student newspaper):

“It is not surprising that faculty at Cornell find the anti-scientific rhetoric of many in the Republican Party to be troublesome,” Prof. Kenneth McClane, English, said. “Many of us here are scientists — we believe in global warming, since we believe what the research tells us.”

We all know that debating theories in science circles should be forbidden. Cornell Government professor Andrew Little shares his concerns:

“Placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring [would] almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity,” he said.

Republicans barely exist any more in academic circles. I guess because we are anti-science troglodytes.

At Harvard more than 80% professors identify as liberal or very liberal. Of those, nearly 40% chose “very liberal” to describe themselves.

Only 1.4% self-identify as conservatives. 1.4% Not one of those professors described himself as “very conservative.”

There are a number of reasons that Leftist professors believe that Republicans may not belong in the intellectually pure and rarified air of faculty lounges. A big one, though, is that they want more slots for their “allies.”

Colleges and universities need to keep enough faculty slots for professors and provosts who spend their off hours driving around naked while masturbating. 

Eastern Michigan University has employed this Jeffrey Toobin wannabe as an Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Services for quite a while. Shockingly he is a also a professor of LGBT studies. I would never have guessed.

This is the type of guy who modern academics prefer because he doesn’t have the taint of being a Republican.

Is it any wonder these folks consider Republicans their enemy? We aren’t so into parading our non-intellectual “interests” in public.

Professor Silke-Maria Weineck wasn’t wrong when she said academics and Republicans are enemies, because in most cases we are. The Leftist are fighting with all they’ve got on these issues. We should too.