An Evening with Garrison Keillor in Exile

Source: The American Conservative

Where do you go if you have been canceled? Among those who have been targeted with #MeToo accusations, some credible, others dubious, Woody Allen has gone to Paris to make his next movie, broadcaster Charlie Rose has retreated to his personal website to post new interviews, Harvey Weinstein is in prison—and, one evening in July, Garrison Keillor went to Newark, Ohio.

Newark sits only 40 miles east of Columbus, but it is as unlike the state capital as one could imagine. Columbus (population 905,000) is sprawling; Newark (49,000) is considerably less so. Columbus has pretensions to sophistication, including a professional ballet company and numerous art galleries; Newark is home to an Owens Corning factory. The political differences are predictable. Franklin County, where Columbus is located, preferred Biden over Trump 65 percent to 34 percent; Licking County preferred Trump over Biden 63 to 35.