An utterly bizarre statement

Source: Power Line

The Daily Mail has published another exploration of the Biden family business in this story by Josh Boswell. Boswell draws on the laptop from hell and White House visitor logs to show the apparently direct involvement of President Biden in the business. Please check out Boswell’s excellent story.

Boswell’s story is profusely illustrated, Daily Mail style. Best of all, it includes the statement below from Latham & Watkins criminal defense attorney Chris Clark. According to the Latham & Watkins profile, Clark represents Hunter Biden in the grand jury investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax issues. Clark responded to the Daily Mail on his (i.e., Hunter’s) behalf.

The Daily Mail describes Clark’s statement as “near unintelligible.” I would say it is bizarrely deranged in the style we have come to expect from Clark’s client.

The Daily Mail appends this note to Clark’s statement: “NOTE: Clark, who has previously specialized in media industry cases, appeared to be under the mistaken impression that is a News Corp company, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. is in fact owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust. He did not comment on the First Son’s criminal investigation, including the reported focus by prosecutors on the $142,300 Hunter received from a Kazakh oligarch to buy a Porsche Panamera.”