And then the tomahawk came for the Atlanta Braves…

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You could see this coming like smoke signals off the top of the distant mesa.

In a tradition that was hit-or-miss during the Trump years due to TDS induced petulance on the part of major league athletes, the 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves had their big day at the White House this morning.

President Joe Biden hosted the Atlanta Braves at the White House on Monday to celebrate the team’s 2021 World Series victory.

The president welcomed the Major League Baseball team to the East Room this afternoon, ahead of the Braves opening a three-game series at 7:05 p.m. against the Washington Nationals.

“It’ll be a great experience. We’re world champions, and we get to go to the White House,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said last week when news of the planned visit was announced. “That’s kind of something special to get to tour and experience that. I think it’ll be something I’ll remember the rest of my life.”

It was an especially schweet win for the Braves, as they were a “mess” the first part of the season, and then Major League Baseball – bowing to pressure from race grifters and election deniers like Georgia governor and United Earth President Stacey Abrams – pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta, and moved it to Colorado (which has more restrictive voting laws than the GA ones they were protesting, but HEY!). So, this win?

…When the league moved the game to Denver, Trump quickly called on his supporters to “boycott baseball” and other Republican officials lashed out at the league.

Still, the former president attended Game 4 of the World Series, holding court in a suite with Senate hopeful Herschel Walker.

Even now, the rift over the All-Star game still occasionally surfaces on the campaign trail, with Gov. Brian Kemp often saying the Braves’ triumph over the Houston Astros in the World Series was “poetic justice” after the city lost the showcase event.

Chef’s kiss championship…

…and I HATE the Braves.

Oh, if that only was the whole feel-good story. Nyet. With the Biden White House’s unique gift for stomping all over anything joyous, fun, or lighthearted in the name of a good old-fashioned race-bait, Puddin’Head himself gave the go-ahead to take the shine off their big day via the French Lady. Her stealth kiddie arrow through the head caught the attention of the governor of Georgia, who retorted, pretty emphatically, the Braves would REMAIN THE BRAVES and keep chopping.

As with most social justice warrior posturing, besides the pleather Viking helmets and recycled swords, the protagonists starting the war forgot to check with the combatants upon whose umbrage they are ostensibly doing battle. How ’bout them Indians?

Oh. How awkward. Seems the BRAVES settled this a while back.

…“There’s an entire other subculture known as Indian Country, and that we’ve been here for 10,000 years, and that we’re strong, we’re resilient, and we’re still here,” the Tribe’s principal chief Richard Sneed told reporter Kelly Krull of what he hoped people learned from the video, pointing out there are nearly 600 federally recognized Tribes across the country.

The Braves are one of several sports teams that use the name and likeness of the Native American community, and they previously formed a Native American Working Group to “collaborate with us on cultural issues, education and community outreach to amplify their voices and show our fans they are still proudly here,” the Braves said in a statement. Sneed has been involved in that process, and it appears this is one step in strengthening the relationship the organization has with the community.

As for “the chop,” now that’s an interesting history. It’s a relatively new development and chop haters can blame…FSU and “Primetime”!

…Florida State describes the war chant as appearing to have “begun with a random occurrence that took place during a 1984 game against Auburn. … Most agree the chant came from the fraternity section, but many spirited Seminole fans added the hand motion to symbolize the brandishing of a tomahawk.” By 1986, it was “a stadium-wide phenomenon.”

It spread to the Braves in 1991, when Florida State alum Deion Sanders played in the outfield

(I’d dump chopping on that alone, but, again, not my team.)

Of course, at mid-term election time, Biden’s probably rocking whatever boat he can to help whoever is still afloat in Georgia’s Democratic races. You can hear the *glubglubglub* from here as they inexorably sink beneath the stink of his national governance, even if they weren’t such wretchedly mediocre individuals in their own right. Geniuses on the WH staff aren’t so much concerned about the backfire of ardent baseball fans again, as they are with riling up what’s left of their hardcore voters using another manufactured example of white supremacy and racist intransigence. They have got to get people mad enough to vote, but for Democrats. BWAHAhaha.

Remember the Cleveland Indians, now the Guardians? Two Art Deco stone behemoths standing sentinel at the end of a bridge don’t engender the emotional engagement that the Chief did. As a Native American, Master Sergeant of Marines friend of ours told us once when this hubbub started decades ago, “Why would I be mad about Braves or Chiefs or a tribe name? Those are great things to be!”

And what are the odds they’ll never make another baseball movie about that Cleveland team with the rocks on their jerseys.

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And that’s a pity.