Announcement: Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow

Source: Power Line

Since I’m tanned, rested, and ready from five weeks away, and armed with pages of notes on whisky discoveries, I’ll be resuming the helm of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast with a *live* taping tomorrow afternoon at 6 pm Eastern time (3 pm Pacific, etc). This session will be open to all comers, and I’ll post the Zoom webinar link here tomorrow shortly after noon Pacific time. So tune in, post up your questions and comments in the chat thread, and we’ll try to take up some of them as we go along.

This episode will include a special announcement about the future of the show (clever listeners may well guess what it might be).

Whatever shall we talk about this week? Heh. “Lucretia,” who really ought to be known as the Beth Dutton* of the Power Line extended family, says she has some opinions about the Mar a Lago raid. I can’t imagine what they might be.

* In case you don’t know the reference, Lucretia passes along this prompt:

Fits, since this is the real Lucretia in action: