Army Guard Puts Its Best to the Test

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Fourteen soldiers shot, swam, sprinted, climbed, crawled and otherwise negotiated their way through a slew of challenges over several days in the heat of a Tennessee July for a chance at glory in the 2022 Army National Guard Best Warrior Competition. 

The competitors had already claimed victory in regional contests. Now, they were vying to win the titles of Army National Guard Soldier of the Year or Noncommissioned Officer of the Year. 

The competition tested both the soldiers’ individual and teamwork abilities, and included more than 30 graded events, including fitness challenges, marksmanship drills, a high-value target extraction scenario, combat casualty care, water survival and a ruck march. 

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The two who emerged as the Army National Guard’s best-of-the-best — Sgt. Tyler Holloway of Wyoming as Noncommissioned Officer of the Year and Sgt. Spencer Fayles of Utah as Soldier of the Year (he was recently promoted) — will compete in the Best Warrior Competition for the entire Army later this year.