Source: Hot Air

They should, and they shouldn’t be alone among so-called “sanctuary cities” to feel the effects of Joe Biden’s border crisis and incoherence on national security. Unfortunately, that’s not how Axios reported it yesterday. They seem more interested in blaming Texas than the actual root cause of the problem.

Here’s their headline:

“Texas migrant buses”? Is Greg Abbott packing Texans into buses? Their report plays similar games with the issue:

New York and Washington, D.C., have become overwhelmed as Texas continues to send buses of migrants to those cities.

Why it matters: New York and D.C. officials say they are not prepared to handle the massive influx of migrants, in large part due to communication issues with Texas, according to multiple reports. This immediately puts migrant families into subpar conditions right when they arrive.

Many families are happy to leave Texas, CNN reports. But officials in New York said these families have arrived hungry, thirsty and in sickly conditions, as many have been on the road for several days.

Again, we have “migrants” with no explanation of origin. It sounds as though Abbott is sending Texans off to live among the big-city folk. (Those wouldn’t be “happy to leave,” trust me.) In this entire report, the word “border” never appears, let alone “border crisis.” For that matter, neither do the words “Mexico,” “immigration,” “asylum,” or “Biden.” Axios treats this as though Abbott created a crisis out of thin air, rather than an 18-month catastrophe on the border that Joe Biden has steadfastly refused to address honestly.

Besides, what constitutes a “massive influx” in Washington DC and New York City?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday that the state has sent more than 7,000 migrants to Washington since April and another 900 to New York since Aug. 5 as a part of Operation Lone Star.

That’s about a single day’s worth of border crossing these days in Texas. Even back in March, Biden admitted that his Department of Homeland Security allowed “thousands” to cross every day, and the situation has grown worse since then. The Washington Post reported at that time that DHS projected 200,000 or more “encounters” with illegal border crossers for that month, which is pretty damned close to 7,000 a day.

Texas and Arizona have been “overwhelmed” by Biden’s border crisis since January 2021. Biden hasn’t lifted a finger to stop it, and political leaders in Washington DC and New York City have only encouraged more illegal immigration with declarations of “sanctuary” and lectures to border states about humane treatment. It’s about time that the Beltway and Big Apple get a taste of the results of those policies for themselves. If that “overwhelms” them, then perhaps they should rethink their cheap talk and put some pressure on Biden to adopt the proper resources and policies to end the border crisis down here.

And maybe Axios and other media outlets should offer a lot more precision about the nature of this crisis. Texas didn’t create it. We’re merely trying to end it by making it everyone’s problem, not just ours.