Biden asks about Republicans: “Who in the hell do they think they are?”

Source: Hot Air

President Unity is raising money for Democrats by trying to claim that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is “Trump incarnate” and scaring senior citizens that Republicans will take away Social Security and Medicare benefits. His riffs on the campaign trail would be amusing if they weren’t so predictable and stale.

Democrats are facing a big ole red wave next week and they are running scared. That includes the head of the party, Joe Biden, who is claiming that the midterm elections aren’t a referendum, they are a choice. Unfortunately for Biden, that’s not the truth. Midterm elections are always a referendum on the party in control and this one is no different. What is different in this election cycle is that the president has delivered us back to the 1970s and voters are not happy about that. Just when we thought Jimmy Carter was the standard-bearer of bad presidents, along came Joe Biden. Biden is the new Jimmy Carter.

Governor Ron DeSantis is very popular in Florida for his leadership style and successes in keeping Florida open and thriving despite the coronavirus pandemic. He marches to his own drum when it comes to leading Florida through crises, whether it is a pandemic or a hurricane. DeSantis makes informed decisions and sticks with them, even when Washington, D.C. thinks he is wrong. As we know, it is usually our overlords in Washington, D.C. that are wrong. Conservatives know that the government closest to the people is the best government. Local and state governments know better than the federal government when it comes to the needs of people.

DeSantis is running for re-election against Democrat challenger Rep. Charlie Crist. DeSantis is on track to handily win the race. Real Clear Politics aggregated averaging has DeSantis up over Crist by 12.3 points.

Joe Biden is a career politician. He can read a poll as well as anyone else and he knows what is coming. He is about to be hugely embarrassed and every Democrat who loses his or her re-election race will blame him for their loss. And, they should. The midterm elections are a referendum, despite what Biden says, and voters are saying the country is going the wrong direction.

Though most Democrat candidates are running away from appearing on the campaign trail with Sleepy Joe, he was deployed to Florida on Tuesday to raise money for Democrats and get out the vote for Charlie Crist and Rep. Val Demings, who is running against Republican incumbent Senator Marco Rubio. Just like DeSantis, Rubio looks to be comfortably ahead in his re-election campaign with Real Clear Politics showing Rubio up over Demings by 8.0 points. The decision to send Biden to Florida was likely because, well, what do Democrats have to lose by making the old man feel useful in Florida when, clearly, Republicans are going to win their races? Biden parachuting in just a week before election day won’t change the momentum Republicans have in Florida. In fact, it may help Republicans. Biden spewing his nonsense motivates voters to get out and cast their ballots for the other party.

Biden brought his “mega-MAGA” Republicans schtick to Florida and indignantly asked, “Who in the hell do they think they are?” He was ranting about Republican opposition to his last big bribe to voters – the student loan forgiveness program, which is being legally challenged.

“You can’t shake a stick (in Florida) without hitting a Republican that represents the MAGA extremes that the president is talking about,” a senior Biden adviser said. “So, it allows the president to really drive home what’s at stake and what the choice is.”

The Sunshine State represents an important battleground state for the midterms and future presidential elections. But more importantly, with the president’s approval ratings underwater, Biden’s team views Florida as the perfect political backdrop to frame the midterm elections as a choice – between “extreme MAGA Republicans” and Democrats – rather than a referendum on the President and his party, Biden said Tuesday.

“This election is not a referendum. It’s a choice. It’s a choice between two vastly different visions for America,” Biden said at Florida Memorial University.

Biden also said Republicans were “coming after” the right to vote, warning once again that “democracy is on the ballot.” The president spent much of the speech painting, what he called, the “stark contrast” between Democrats and Republicans, including on issues of Social Security, Medicare, abortion and student loans.

On student loans, Biden said, “They moaned and groaned about it and they challenged it in court, which they’re going to lose.”

“Who in the hell do they think they are?” Biden added.

Joe Biden’s failed presidency has turned Florida into a bright red state. That is great news for Republicans. There is a sharp contrast between what Biden has offered and produced and what Republicans in Florida, starting with Governor DeSantis, have delivered. Voters are speaking loud and clear, and they are not choosing Democrats, especially Crist and Demings who vote 100% for Biden’s agenda. Demings was a House impeachment manager during the Trump administration and she was rumored to have been on the short list of vice-president candidates when Biden was elected.

Biden is using Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s policy proposals that he presented in the Senate, which absolutely zero other Republican senators have come out to support, as what the playbook will be if Republicans take control of the Senate. He is using the same scare tactics that Democrats have used for decades – he says Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare. Tom exposed the lies being told by Democrats, including Biden, about Scott’s plan, in a post yesterday. It’s all Democrats can do now. They can’t run on their accomplishments so they have to try and scare voters to support them. It’s not working.

The red wave is coming and it is going to be spectacular. The news is getting better each day. Be of good cheer, conservatives. We’re going to have a good night next Tuesday. I can’t wait!