Biden’s Repulsive Speech

Source: Power Line

I’ll have a LOT more to say about Biden’s repulsive speech at Independence Hall last night, both here, and on this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast Saturday.

For now, let’s just compare two statements that bear on how Biden and his crew really do think that the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump can be classified as enemies of the state.

First up, Biden’s ever so acute press spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre:

“When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

Now let’s take in a more complete expression of this thought about the rightfulness of the majority:

If legality and illegality can be arbitrarily at the disposal of the majority, then the majority can, above all, declare their domestic competitors illegal, that is, hors-la-loi, thereby excluding them from the democratic homogeneity of the people. Whoever controls 51 percent would be able to render the remaining 49 percent illegal. The majority would be permitted to use legal means to close the door to legality, through which they themselves entered, and to treat partisan opponents like common criminals, who are then perhaps reduced to kicking their boots against the locked door.

Who said this? Carl Schmitt, in Legality and Legitimacy (1932), the German thinker usually scorned by the left for his association with the Nazis. Maybe the staging of Biden’s speech wasn’t just a coincidence.