Bonus Cartoon: Cheney Projection – She’s No Abe Lincoln

Source: RedState

Abe Lincoln, the country lawyer, was well known in his younger days for defending the criminally accused. He said that every defendant, no matter the circumstances, deserved a defense. Not so much with Liz Cheney. During the over-produced J6 hearings (that had everything save for an ominous soundtrack), there was one glaring and obvious omission. Only one side presented a case. I assure you, I would have won every trial I tried if I was the only person presenting evidence (those are called default hearings). During the J6 hearings, Cheney went whole hog for one side. She lied with the best of committee members, and never once asked a critical question of a witness. She and the rest of the committee presented what they wanted to fit a preconceived conclusion. Orange Man Bad. Very, very bad.

I’m not sure what motivated 65 percent of Wyoming voters to throw Liz out, but they resoundingly kicked her to the curb. Notwithstanding the denunciation, Liz delivered what could only be viewed by the sane, as pure delusion. She compared herself to Abe Lincoln. Lincoln may have lost a couple of elections but comparing yourself to Abe because you just got wrecked by the electorate of your state is like comparing yourself to Chuck Yeager because you hit some turbulence on a Southwest flight to Casper. She’s a dope.

Liz Cheney is her own version of the Lincoln Project.