Bonus ‘Toon: Banana Republic

Source: RedState

Alan Dershowitz offered a succinct and accurate assessment of the Mar-a-Lago raid. He suggested Banana republics do this, not the USA. He called it the “weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies.”

Social media was and remains overflowing with leftist hot-takes about the “rule of law” returning to the DOJ and the FBI. The opposite is true. Even if Trump was in possession of “classified documents,” there was no need for 30 armed agents to descend on Trump’s home and then conduct an “everything must go” rummage through his home. The only reason that I’ve heard for the raid was that “Trump might flush documents down a toilet.” That’s a reason not a justification, and its absurd on its face. Trump wasn’t there. The FBI knew that.

Remember when CNN trotted out the “This is an apple” ad? That ad debuted in 2017, at the height of CNN’s Russian collusion orgasm. CNN hosts claimed, ad nauseam, that Trump was 100 percent guilty. It was all real and Trump was Putin’s cat’s paw. It all turned out to be a bunch of bananas. Ironic imagery.

The DOJ and the FBI are arms of the DNC, and they will be until 2024. It’s a Banana Republic until then.