BREAKING: Winner Projected in Nadler-Maloney Race in New York

Source: RedState

In what is considered a bit of a surprise, Decision Desk is projecting Rep. Jerry Nadler as the victor in the NY-12 race with Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

That district was Maloney’s district, but with redistricting realigning the map, it ended up having Nadler run against his colleague Maloney. Nadler is the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Maloney the Chair of the House Oversight Committee. They both have been in Congress for since the ’90s.

The race got down and dirty at the end, with Maloney citing reports that called Nadler “senile.” She even called him “half-dead” but then fled a reporter, as her daughter physically intervened to help her get away.

FiveThirtyEight suggested that Maloney was the favorite. But they also noted that she almost lost in the district the last time to Suraj Patel, who is also running again in this primary.

In the end, one has to think that the name recognition of Nadler was perhaps just too much to overcome for Maloney. Although she’s been in Congress for years, he just has a higher profile and that may have won the day. That’s unfortunate, because he’s another one who should have retired long ago.