Burgess Owens Launches Just Win Baby PAC to Help Minority and Female Republican Candidates

Source: RedState

Freshman congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) is making moves and using his platform to promote and support Republican candidates who represent a variety of ethnicities and demographics.

On Friday, Owens announced the launch of Just Win Baby PAC (JWBPAC). This new political action committee was formed to help female and minority candidates make competitive statewide and national runs.

From the JWBPAC website:

If we Conservatives want to be the majority party of the future, we must support strong Black, Hispanic, and Asian Republican candidates and we must help them win.

JUST WIN BABY PAC’s goal is to build the core support of the Republican Party among all races, religions, and economic classes of America.

This mission is of immense importance. The future of our Party and our country depends on it.

Owens has started out with a slate of 10 candidates who were hand-picked to take over their congressional districts in the 2022 midterm elections.

These candidates are:

  • Monica De La Cruz for CD-15 in TX
  • Wesley Hunt for CD-38 in TX
  • Tamika Hamilton for CD-6 in CA
  • Jennifer-Ruth Green for CD-1 in IN
  • Catalina Lauf for CD-11 in IL
  • Cassy Garcia for CD-28 in TX
  • Rod Dorilás for CD-22 in FL
  • John James for CD-10 in MI
  • Anna Paulina Luna for CD-13 in FL
  • April Becker for CD-3 in NV.

These impressive candidates embody conservative values, fresh vision for their districts, and the ability to fight and win. Owens says that these young men and women are, “infuriating the Democratic Party,” and “are all under attack from the left.”

Owens has pledged his help, and is inviting other likeminded Americans to join the fight:

“I’m excited to travel and help these new exciting candidates all I can,” Owens said in a statement.

“There is an energy now in the Republican Party because 2022 has been a wake up year, we’ve seen just how terrible Joe Biden and the radical left have been for our country. Our tent is getting wider, more diverse and more focused on making sure we give our kids the same opportunities we were born with.”

Owens is ensuring that the forecasted Red Wave in November 2022 becomes a reality.

Visit Just Win Baby PAC‘s website for more information on the candidates and how you can contribute to their races.