Can Chuck Norris stop the next school shooting?

Source: Hot Air

Governor Greg Abbott has recruited Chuck Norris to help stop the next school shooting. The 82-year-old (!) former action movie star is doing a public service announcement (PSA) to raise awareness of a reporting system available to everyone in Texas.

Norris stars in new PSAs to promote the state’s iWatch website. Students are beginning to go back to school in Texas and this is one of the items on a list of things Abbott has done to help students and parents feel more secure in returning to classrooms with the Uvalde mass shooting still fresh on everyone’s minds. There is both a website and a phone line to call with information on suspicious activity. The iWatch system has been in place for several years but after the Uvalde school shooting, Governor Abbott called for a renewed effort to raise awareness of the reporting system.

Norris often campaigns for Abbott. He is doing so this year for Abbott’s re-election campaign. He was a natural choice for the awareness campaign.

“Parents, teachers, and students deserve to feel safe and secure returning to school this fall, and who better to help spread the message about the iWatchTexas reporting system than ‘Texas Ranger’Chuck Norris?” Abbott said in a statement to the media on Tuesday.

Chuck Norris is always up for bringing bad guys to justice.

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“But law enforcement can’t stop the bad guys if they don’t know who they are,” he says. “That’s why I wanted to tell you about iWatch, a website, phone app and service that allows Texans to report suspicious activity.”

Abbott points to other actions he has taken since the Uvalde school shooting to keep schools safe. Those actions include ordering comprehensive school safety reviews of all Texas public schools, he ordered more training of school-based police, and he created a new Chief of School Safety and Security position within the Texas Education Agency. One thing he has not done is call a special session of the state legislature to find new gun control measures. That is something progressives and Democrats have asked him to do. Many think that changing the state gun laws is the way to go. They claim Texas gun laws are too lax. Also, they want the minimum age of the purchaser of a rifle to be 21, not 18, as it is now in Texas. The sale of handguns falls under federal law. The minimum age of a purchaser from a licensed dealer is 21 for a handgun.