Choose obesity to promote equity

Source: Hot Air

Fat acceptance is a thing. And no, I am not talking about a movement to treat people dealing with weight issues kindly. I am talking about a pro-obesity movement.

Yes, there is a pro-obesity crowd out there, and as an obese person this makes me very disturbed.

Obesity is unhealthy. It makes you ache. It makes basic life tasks more difficult. It reduces your options to do things. It is, let’s admit, very unattractive in the same way that anything that is unhealthy is unattractive. It’s not like anybody is excited to be around somebody who has the flu, even if we couldn’t catch it ourselves. Disease is unattractive for basic evolutionary reasons. There is not one good thing about being obese. Take it from an obese person.

Yet there is a movement to promote obesity, not mere acceptance that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Apparently the desire to be fit and healthy is a direct consequence of White Supremacy™ and as we all know, anything that appeals to Wypepo must be destroyed.

Exercising my White Privilege™ I opine: this is truly truly insane. If bringing down the patriarchy means luring millions into a life of cankles, diabetes, heart disease, and early death, I wonder why anybody would want to see it disappear. Yay patriarchy! You go guys!

Of course people in the fat acceptance movement are doing their best to deny the science and claim that obesity and health are totally compatible, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Few things are as well established as the link between obesity and a whole host of diseases. Diabetes. Heart disease. Joint issues. In medicine that relationship is as well established as the link between smoking and cancer, or injecting fentanyl and overdose deaths. There just isn’t any serious dispute.

Of course that is only Science™, and science is part of the Western heteronormative patriarchal conspiracy, so toss all that evidence out the window and have a donut. At St Olaf College, in my neck of the woods here in Minnesota, a fat sex therapist compared anti-obesity to Nazism a few years back. She asserted that science establishing a link between health and obesity proves that science is oppressive. Science™ is Nazism, but get vaccinated because Science™.

It’s not a fringe phenomenon. At all. For instance the LA County School District is actually producing videos encouraging students to eat whatever they want because there is no such thing as unhealthy food if it is edible at all. You do you and all that.

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Go eat some donuts to fight the patriarchy. This is what they are actually teaching children in school. 

Fashion magazines have gone on a “body positivity” kick too, and fashion brands have gotten into the act. And this is what counts as “Superfit Hero.”

One of the biggest models in America (get it?!) is Tess Holliday, who used to glory in showing herself gorging on Twinkies and cake. Now she has discovered that she just doesn’t consume enough and even has anorexia. The media eats it up and expects us to as well:

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They call the trend “body positivity,” but there is absolutely nothing positive about it. People are literally killing themselves through poor eating and exercise habits and our military can’t even recruit enough soldiers partly because most younger folks are too obese to qualify. Apparently soldiers having a heart attack while storming the beaches is not conducive to military efficiency.

Cruelty to people who suffer is wrong. Teasing people for being fat, or disfigured, or disabled, or mentally ill, or any kind of challenge is cruel and doing so makes you a bad person. It sucks to look or be abnormal; we don’t need anybody to make us feel worse. Honestly.

But encouraging people to continue self-destructive behavior is cruel as well. Celebrating the worst habits people have is just as bad. You are helping kill them. Encouraging morbidly obese people to have another piece of cake is no better than encouraging a crack addict to have another puff off the crack pipe. If you do it you are doing an evil thing. Stop it.

What motivates this? Well it is obvious why people who are close to obesity sufferers don’t want to be honest. It is painful to confront somebody we love and it is much easier for all involved to pretend that there is no problem. It is human nature to protect the feelings of those we love, and the long term gain of getting healthier involves a lot of short term pain. We avoid pain.

But that doesn’t explain why Good Morning America, fashion brands, and the LA County School System jump on board the “get fat” bandwagon. There is something deeper and more sinister involved in that.

It’s about turning you into a pleasure seeking ball of mush willing to do anything for the next fix of whatever you are addicted to. If you are unfit and lazy you are easier to control. The powers-that-be confirm your worst impulses, and are able to blame all the associated problems on those not in on the grift. Their support for you is based upon building a common hatred of the Western-heteronormative-white supremacist deplorables.

It is a recruitment tool, that’s all. If you jump on the pleasure-seeking bandwagon the cultural elite (almost none of whom are obese, by the way) promises to fight the hateful people who want you to suffer.

There are no kind intentions here. It is about recruiting acolytes to buttress elite power. When perfectly fit people go out and promote others’ unhealthy habits there is something very nefarious going on. Reject it.

Enjoy some common sense:

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And from one of my faves, Sydney Watson. She’s a lot of fun:

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