College trustee: take anti-DEI faculty to the slaughterhouse

Source: Hot Air

We keep hearing about how the slightest critique of woke ideology is a call to violence and “stochastic terrorism,” and we see just as often these activists call for actual violence against critics of the woke religion.

While not actually calling for violence, in this case a college trustee called for taking recalcitrant faculty to the metaphorical “slaughterhouse” due to their concerns with DEI ideology.

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Ironically, the controversial comments came after several students and professors complained to the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees that a conservative group of professors who promote free speech on campus made them feel “unsafe.” They provided no examples of what precisely made them feel unsafe, although they complained vociferously that the professor’s opposition to using college funds for antiracism and DEI programs.

They called for the termination of the professors.

John Corkins, vice president of the Board of Trustees of the California college district, apologized for his comments, assuring everybody that suggesting his employees be taken to the “slaughterhouse” was not meant to make anybody feel unsafe.

“I apologize to anyone who felt threatened or was offended. My intent was to emphasize that the individuals who spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting have my full support,” said John Corkins, vice president of the Board of Trustees of the California college district, in a statement to The College Fix provided by the media relations office.

He said the meeting was an emotional one during which “several African-American faculty, students and statewide representatives … bravely shared their feelings of fear based on the actions of a small group of faculty members and their feelings of disappointment in the district for allowing these actions to continue.”

It is quite the irony that Corkins described using actual violence (metaphorically) to deal with a problem where the complainants claimed to feel unsafe despite nothing remotely threatening ever had been said to or about them. Imagine what would be done to anybody who actually suggested they be taken to the “slaughterhouse.” Federal civil rights violations would be charged in seconds.

Corkins was referring to some faculty who have challenged various antiracism and diversity, equity and inclusion programs and policies. One of the focuses of the meeting is a group called the Renegade Institute for Liberty.

Tenured history Professors Matthew Garrett and Erin Miller, who teach at Bakersfield College, part of the Kern Community College District, are among the leaders of the institute.

In 2021, after the two were threatened with termination after they questioned use of grant money to fund social justice initiatives at their college, they filed a federal lawsuit against the district.

The Renegade Institute for Liberty describes itself as “a coalition of Bakersfield College faculty dedicated to the free speech, open inquiry, critical thinking to advance American ideals within the broader Western tradition of meritocracy, individual agency, civic virtue, liberty of conscience and free markets.”

“…Through intellectual exploration and reason, the Institute works to preserve each of the above virtues as necessary for a free people and to advance the cause of liberty in America.”

But some say the institute has made them feel unsafe.

“Many came to the board on behalf of those students, asking trustees to address the racism on campus and even terminate professors who have made it unsafe for students of color—particularly the removal of professors who founded the group Renegade Institute for Liberty,” KGET, a local NBC affiliate, reported Dec. 15.

“The group has had campus controversy over its advocacy of free speech, considered by others as hate speech, and dealings with other groups on campus,” the news station added.

Corkins was so moved that people “shared their feelings”–not any facts at all of actual acts of racism–that he got this emotional.

Why? What, other than people whining that somebody disagreed with them, happened? Did the “offenders” do something wrong? Nothing concrete is alleged. Imagine how emotional he would have felt if one of the professors he wants fired had used exactly the same language.


This is where we are today. People, as long as they have the correct amount of melanin in their skin, can demand others be fired for not sharing their opinions. They can claim to feel “unsafe,” and get the results they want. Because the woke have taken over most positions of power.

Where does it end? Nowhere good.