Could Chicago be about to elect a pro-life, pro-cop Democratic mayor?

Source: Hot Air

Chicago’s next mayoral election is quickly approaching, scheduled for the 28th of this month. Most of the polls indicate that the incumbent mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is not doing well and she might not be given another term. That wouldn’t be a terribly surprising result, given the soaring crime rates and the generally decrepit state of the Windy City these days. If that’s the case, who will replace her? Interestingly enough, one of the current frontrunners is a man named Paul Vallas. What makes him unique among Chicago Democrats is his history of being opposed to abortion and his promises to crack down on crime. But can someone like that really be elected in a liberal stronghold? (ABC7 Chicago)

Chicago mayoral candidates are touting dueling endorsements as Paul Vallas comes under fire for his Democratic credentials and past statements opposing abortion.

Several recent polls suggest Vallas is one of the frontrunners in the mayor’s race, so it’s no surprise he’s coming under attack, but it’s also an indication that this race will be rough and tumble in its final three weeks.

“When you’re a frontrunner you’re always going to become the focus, particularly when people don’t have specific recommendations to make or have anything of substance to offer,” Vallas said.

One of the other candidates, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, has been running attack ads against Vallas. He dug up a clip from some years ago where Vallas describes himself as “more of a Republican than a Democrat” and saying that he’s personally opposed to abortion. Garcia is accusing him of not being a “real” Democrat and claims that Vallas would be “dangerous” for Chicago. Really? More dangerous than, say… stopping your car at a red light for more than ten seconds?

Vallas has now received the endorsement of both the Chicago Tribune and the Fraternal Order of Police, which is rather remarkable. The Chicago Sun-Times has run a number of articles on this guy, listing all of the progressive liberals who are freaking out about Paul Vallas. They’re accusing him of having trodden upon the rights of workers in previous positions he’s held and wanting to outlaw abortions. There are probably a couple of them calling him a satan worshipper by now. In other words, all of the right people hate him.

Chicago certainly needs some fresh blood in the mayor’s office because the city is seriously circling the drain at this point. I would expect Vallas to promote himself as someone who personally opposes abortion but wouldn’t seek a legislative remedy to it for everyone. And he’s running on the issue of crime and promising to rebuild the police force. I doubt many people – even Democrats – will try to tear him down over that. That’s particularly true of anyone who has been carjacked which, by now, is a significant portion of the electorate.

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