Crackpot Leftism In Minnesota

Source: Power Line

Hennepin County, Minnesota, includes the City of Minneapolis and generally two tiers of suburbs. In recent years it has swung radically to the left–it is, after all, Ilhan Omar territory. An indication of how far out of whack politics are in this area is the election in November of Mary Moriarty as Hennepin County Attornety.

Alpha News covers Moriarty’s swearing in ceremony, which was yesterday. Did Moriarty place her had on the Bible? No. The Constitution, perhaps? No.

The new attorney of Hennepin County, Mary Moriarty, took her oath of office Tuesday with her hand placed on a copy of a graphic novel about the late congressman John Lewis.

Photos from the swearing-in ceremony show Moriarty with her hand on a copy of “March,” which she described as a “graphic novel trilogy about Congress Member John Lewis and his courageous fight for voting rights.”

Lewis is remembered more recently for lying about Tea Party members bombarding him with racial epithets, which never happened. I don’t know whether that disreputable episode is covered in the “graphic novel”–comic book, I think that means–but I doubt it.

The natural inference that Moriarty is a crackpot leftist is unfortunately true:

A former chief public defender, Moriarty promoted “restorative justice programs” on the campaign trail as an “alternative to incarceration” and “traditional prosecution.”

“Research and data show that non-restorative models of punishment do not prevent recidivism, do not repair families, and cause harm to a community. Incarceration, sometimes a year or more after a crime is committed, disconnects the punishment from the impact of a crime on a victim,” she says on her campaign website.

“Incarceration disconnects the person who committed violence from their community and makes reintegration extremely difficult,” the website adds. “Mary’s office will seek to provide an alternative to traditional prosecution through restorative justice as an option for victims.”

She also opposes the cash bail system, which is “not helping to make our community safer.”

In other words, she will make the soft-on-crime approach that has turned Hennepin County into a haven for crime even worse. But it looks like she will need a new staff to do it:

According to Fox 9, 14 senior employees in the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said they plan to leave when Moriarty takes over.

The exodus from Minnesota continues to accelerate.