DC Mayor will “honor values” while shipping migrants out of her city

Source: Hot Air

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is an elected official with a problem. Thanks to the mean governors of Texas and Arizona, her sanctuary city has been turned into a border town. Just as with other liberal municipalities, the contrast between proudly declaring yourself to be a sanctuary city and the reality of dealing with even a relatively small number of illegal migrants arriving and seeking your help has been stark. The reactions of the mayors of DC, New York City and Chicago have been amusing to watch, but nothing is being done to address the underlying issue. But with yet another busload of migrants arriving in the nation’s capital this week, Bowser was forced to come up with a plan, so she has risen to the occasion and done so. After bitterly complaining that it was “racist” for Arizona and Texas to bus their migrants to other parts of the country, Bowser will proceed to… bus her migrants to other parts of the country. But don’t worry. She’s going to “honor DC values” while doing so. Our colleague Katie Pavlich has the details at Townhall.

In an email to Washington D.C. residents over the weekend, Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser explained her new plan to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants over the past six months.

Citing an ongoing humanitarian crisis, Bowser reassured Washingtonians that their values will be honored by shipping illegal immigrants out of the city and to other parts of the country.

“We believe that approximately 9,400 people have been bused to DC from Texas and Arizona since April. The vast majority of people move on to final destinations outside of DC. To better respond to this ongoing humanitarian crisis, yesterday, I announced that we are establishing an Office of Migrant Services. Through the office, the District will be able to set up a framework to: Meet all buses and facilitate onward travel;

This new Office of Migrant Services as described by Bowser will be bending over backward to draw a harsh distinction between illegal immigrants and citizens. You don’t have to read between the lines very much to figure that out, either. For one glaring example, the Mayor pointed out that the city’s homeless care services are “not set up to support the unique needs of migrants.” As such, they will ensure that the city’s homeless facilities are only serving “DC residents.” So what happens to the migrants? Get ’em on the bus, y’all.

Bowser’s claim that roughly 9,400 migrants have been bussed to DC since April seems very much on the high side. Washington didn’t start receiving busses of this type until well after New York City did. But let’s just assume that number is accurate for a moment. 9,400 migrants in five months works out to 1,880 migrants per month. Does Bowser have any idea how man illegals cross the border into Texas every day? For that matter, does she know how many cross just into Del Rio, Texas every day? (They’ve recorded more than 13,000 in a single week.)

The population of Del Rio is under 36,000. The population of Washington, DC is more than 700,000. And your system is collapsing because a few buses full of illegal migrants showed up? Cry us a river, provided it’s not the Rio Grande.

I truly loved how Bowser chose to phrase the “triage plan” being put in place by this new office. The goal will be to “meet all buses and facilitate onward travel.” Anyone who has had to deal with the illegal immigration system in this country knows what that means. “Meeting” all of the buses means stopping all of the buses and ensuring that the messy migrants aren’t simply turned loose to roam the streets. “Facilitating onward travel” means transferring them to the aforementioned new buses and getting them out of the District before they can cause any other problems.

Whatever happened to all of that sanctuary city talk? What about the wonderful “diversity” that these travelers bring to our country? Weren’t you supposed to be looking for those huddled masses yearning to breathe free? Apparently not. It sounds as if Muriel Bowser quickly realized they were actually the “wretched refuse” of someone else’s teeming shore, and she wants them out of DC pronto. The hypocrisy on display would be hilarious if we didn’t already know it was the default “values” of Bowser’s administration.