Did Kari Lake mock the attack on Paul Pelosi on the campaign trail?

Source: Hot Air

The left and their partners in the media are chastising Arizona Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake, for what it being called her mocking of Paul Pelosi’s brutal attack. You’ll read headlines that state that Kari Lake “mocked” the attack on Paul Pelosi. Fake news, I say.

A video clip of Lake’s remarks shows Kari talking about protecting children in school. Hit the link I’m providing and see for yourself.

School security is a big issue for parents and as she was talking about it, she made reference to the fact that elected officials, like Nancy Pelosi, are protected by security. Then, with an obvious ad lib not meant to be cruel but ironic, noted the fact that Pelosi is well-protected but apparently her home is not. Some people in the crowd laughed. I’ve watched the clip several times and I’m here to tell you that this is much ado about nothing. It is one week from election day and everyone has lost their minds. Desperate Democrats are using the horrendous and brutal attack on Paul Pelosi as a sledgehammer against Republicans, going so far as to blame Republicans for the attack. Sorry, leftists, David DePape is one of yours.

Asked about school security, Lake suggested the protection afforded to federal lawmakers should be available to students as well.

“Nancy Pelosi, well, she’s got protection when she’s in D.C. — apparently her house doesn’t have a lot of protection,” Lake said at a campaign event in Scottsdale, Arizona, sparking laughter from many in attendance.

Lake then said, “If our lawmakers can have protection, if our politicians can have protection, if our athletes, then certainly the most important people in our lives — our children — should have protection.”

Is there anything that Kari Lake got wrong? No, of course not. Schools must be secured, especially in this day and age, and parents shouldn’t have to worry whether or not their child will return home at the end of the day. And, who among us is not shocked by how easily the intruder got into the Pelosi home in the middle of the night? Who wouldn’t assume that a politician’s home had, at the very least, an alarm system? There are lots of questions that are unanswered about Pelosi’s attack and the home’s security is at the top of the list.

So, the left has their panties in a twist over Kari Lake once again. What else is new, right? Democrats and the media despise her and more so now because she is winning. Her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, is too afraid to debate Kari Lake. The closest they came was back to back appearances on CNN one Sunday morning when Dana Bash gave them both equal time. Katie Hobbs is the current Secretary of State of Arizona. If she is too cowardly to appear on the same stage as Lake and answer questions while clarifying her positions on issues, then how is she to be trusted to lead a border state through what are now tumultuous times, thanks to the Biden border crisis?

The left has decided to use the attack on Paul Pelosi to distract voters from the real issues they face as they go to vote. I wrote about the attack not long after it was first reported. I updated it with the news that Speaker Pelosi was the intended target. Nancy Pelosi released a statement on behalf of herself and the Pelosi family that thanked everyone for their good wishes for Paul’s speedy recovery. At the same time, Democrats and the hacktastic media personalities launched a campaign to paint the attacker as a Trumper who went violent because of Republicans, or something. Joe Biden was eagerly linking a home intrusion by a mentally ill nudist hippie from Berkeley with the riot on January 6 at a DNC fundraiser in Pennsylvania. President Unity never misses an opportunity to trash Republicans. It’s pathetic.

I feel certain that Kari Lake will be the next governor of Arizona. According to the Real Clear Politics averaging today, she is up over Hobbs by 3.2 points. The race is labeled as a toss-up.

Desperate Democrats have dusted off Barack Obama and are deploying him to places where he might help get voters to the polls, in states with tight races. He’s coming to Phoenix to rally for Democrats on Wednesday.

The “Arizona Get Out The Vote Rally with President Obama!” event, which was announced on Sunday without a location, will be held at Cesar Chavez High School at 3921 W. Baseline Road in the city’s Laveen neighborhood, the Arizona Democratic Party revealed Tuesday.

Five Democratic candidates for major statewide offices are scheduled to appear along with Obama, including Katie Hobbs, who is in a tight race for governor against Republican Kari Lake.

Incumbents Sen. Mark Kelly and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman are also on the slate, along with attorney general candidate Kris Mayes and secretary of state candidate Adrian Fontes.

Mesa Mayor John Giles, a Republican who has endorsed Hobbs, is also on the speaker list.

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics notes a real shift to Republican candidates by Latino voters and white suburban women voters. It was quickly noted that this shouldn’t be a mystery in today’s political climate. Parents are angry at the damage done to their children during pandemic lockdowns.

Things are looking good for next Tuesday, election day. Democrats are panicked, the media is depressed, and pollsters are once again startled that they underestimated the frustration felt by most Americans when it comes to issues in everyday life. I think Kari Lake will be victorious in her race and the haters are gonna hate. Let them. What matters is that Arizona will have a strong governor in place to face the problems made worse on Sleepy Joe’s watch.