Did The US Sabotage Nord Stream?

Source: The American Conservative

You might hate the ground Tucker Carlson walks on, but I still urge you to watch his broadcast from last night:

[embedded content]


It’s about the underwater sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. Tucker points out that there is no good reason at all for Russia to have sabotaged these pipelines. Why would the Russians render inoperable the source of their economic leverage over Europe? I mean, maybe they did do it, but it’s hard to understand why, given that if they wanted to cut off gas to Europe, they have the power without destroying their own equipment.

But, as Tucker points out, it’s not hard at all to understand why the US would want the pipelines damaged. He airs clips of Joe Biden and the State Department’s Victoria Nuland saying earlier this year that if Russia invades Ukraine, it would be a shame if something happened to Nord Stream. Well, they were more forceful than that:

Those aren’t smoking guns … but they ain’t beanbag. One could certainly see why sabotaging Nord Stream benefits the US. We didn’t want Europe to get Nord Stream in the first place, because it would make Europe dependent on Russian gas. This is perfectly reasonable, from an American point of view. However, if Washington sabotaged those pipelines in the middle of the Ukraine-Russia war, that would mean an insane escalation of the war, to sabotaging critical infrastructure. Think about it: if Russia can’t deliver gas to Europe anyway, because the pipelines are too damaged, that makes it harder to make peace and restore energy flow to Europe. This fits Washington’s policy goals. That doesn’t mean Washington is responsible for this sabotage, but there’s a lot more reason for Washington to have blown the pipelines up than for Russia.

Prominent Polish politician Radek Sikorski understood this, firing off this ill-advised tweet as soon as the news broke:


The Washington Post calls Tucker Carlson’s case “shoddy,” but if so, the Post’s feeble analysis did not prove the claim.

Nobody knows yet who did this. If I had to bet money, I’d bet it was us. I can’t believe there’s a journalist as prominent as Tucker Carlson raising this possibility, but I’m very glad he is. We are barreling towards the possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia, and it seems like Washington is being almost as reckless as Moscow.

UPDATE: Think about it: winter is soon arriving in Europe. If European peoples get tired of being cold, and/or paying a fortune for heating, they may take to the streets to demand that their governments push for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, so that the flow of Russian gas can start again. But now, with the Nord Stream pipelines badly damaged, that possibility has been foreclosed, has it not?