El Paso to Biden: Pay up or we will keep releasing hundreds of illegal migrants into the streets

Source: Hot Air

Last August I wrote about migrant buses traveling from El Paso, Texas to New York City. The bus trips are paid for by the Biden administration. The administration quietly entered into an agreement with El Paso city officials. FEMA covers the travel costs through a grant program, according to El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino.

As happens when pure politics enter into a situation, the midterm elections were approaching and suddenly there were reports that the Mayor of El Paso was considering declaring an emergency over the amount of illegal migrants entering the city. Those reports escalated into other reports that the mayor was asked by the White House to hold off on declaring an emergency until after the midterm elections because it would make the White House look bad. The mayor denied any such thing. My question is how can the Biden administration look any worse than it already does over the border crisis it created in the first place?

Anyway, the mayor stopped sending migrant buses to New York City at the end of October. The Biden administration implemented a program that is like Title 42 and allows Border Patrol agents to immediately expel Venezuelans back to Mexico when they illegally cross into the U.S. It’s only for Venezuelans. They make up the majority of illegal migrants crossing the border lately. At that time, El Paso’s welcome center for illegal immigrants was closed. The reasoning at the time was that there would be no need if the Biden administration had this new policy in effect. Now, however, illegal migrants from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua are flooding into El Paso at the rate of about 1,400 people per day. The city is overwhelmed and telling the Biden administration it is time to pay up.

Thousands of migrants are once again overrunning El Paso, Texas, but the city says it can’t help them – until they make a deal over $6.6 million they say is owed by the Biden administration.

The city has become one of the nation’s most overwhelmed border crossings in 2022, processing over 6,000 migrants in some weeks and spending $8.9 million so far this year providing meals, beds and transport for asylum seekers – all of which came out of its city budget.

About 600 immigrants have been released to fend for themselves in downtown El Paso since Friday because all the city’s shelters are full, US Border Patrol told The Post Tuesday, adding they had asked the city to reopen its welcome center, but it refused.

The deputy city manager says the city is holding its ground. The city wants its money.

“We’re waiting on $7 million in reimbursement and we’re going to need to see some approval or some advanced funding before we start any other operations,” said El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Augostino at a city meeting Monday.

“They asked us to please set up a welcome center; we held [our] ground,” he added. “We’ve been very clear with Border Patrol, all the state and local partners that we’re not going to go operational until we get secured funding.”

Who would blame the El Paso city officials? The Biden administration is so incompetent, especially when it comes to the southern border, that it is now breaking its agreement with a city trying to work with them. There is nowhere to put the illegal migrants and they have stretched city resources as far as they can. That is a huge problem in border states – the Biden administration just expects border states to handle the Biden border crisis on its own. Millions have crossed the border since Biden was elected and border states don’t have the resources to do a job that is a federal responsibility. Now El Paso is back to having hundreds of illegal migrants on its streets, a number that will only grow as the problem worsens.

The city has requested $3 million in emergency federal funds that would allow the city to set up its welcome center for a month.

In the meantime, the FBI has announced the arrest of two Venezuelan nationals for allegedly assaulting a federal officer on Oct. 31 near Ascarate Lake in South-Central El Paso.

According to the FBI, a U.S. Border Patrol agent responded to a group of undocumented migrants crossing into the United States.

The agent followed the group into a residential area next to Ascarate Park, which stretches to a highway that runs along the border. The group dispersed and ran, according to the FBI.

The agent caught up to two of them, identified as Kevin Escalona Gonzalez, 35, and Yuleixy Mata Fuentes, 27.

The migrants allegedly refused to comply with the Border Patrol agent’s commands. The agent tried to handcuff them, but they resisted arrest and an altercation ensued. During the altercation, the FBI says the Border Patrol agent was pushed, dragged and punched by the migrants.

The Border Patrol agent regained control of the situation and held the two in custody without further incident.

This is Biden’s America. He created the Biden border crisis and then turned a blind eye to it. The same neglect is felt from the border czar, Kamala Harris. It’s a dereliction of duty. Only one cable television network even reports on the border crisis. The others do the bidding of the administration and ignore it, too.