Election Day in Budapest

Source: Power Line

Yes indeed I am presently en route to Europe for a number of meetings in several different undisclosed locations to plot and scheme against the left, though my podcast co-conspirators John Yoo and Lucretia and I will surface briefly for a podcast recorded on location in Milan early next week.

I do have one public event, however. I know Power Line has a handful of readers in Budapest, because one or two of you turned up for my Danube Institute lecture in July of last year. This Tuesday evening, November 8, I’ll be giving the keynote address about the American electoral scene at an evening program of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, starting at 6:15 pm. It will held at one of the MCC Cafe Scruton locations at 1113, Tas Vezer Street 3-7, and is open to the public.

My opening remarks will be followed by two panels, and then casual conversation into the late evening local time, even though the vote in the U.S. will only be a little more than halfway done at that point:

18.30 – 19.15                      1. Panel: Turnaround in the Senate?

How would the US political situation change if there were a turnaround in the Senate? What happens if it does not? 

  • Gladden Pappin (MCC, Visiting Fellow) 
  • Steve Hayward (UC Berkeley, Professor)  
  • Simon Hankinson (Heritage Foundation, Senior Research Fellow)

Moderator: Zoltán Koskovics (Center for Fundamental Rights, Geopolitical Expert)

19.15 – 19. 30                     Live Zoom call from the USA

19.30 – 20.30                      2. Panel: International Influence on the Midterms 

What international events had a decisive influence on the United States?  


  • Mark Milosch (MCC, Visiting Fellow) 
  • Stephen Sholl (MCC, Center for Architecture, Researcher) 
  • Mark Ivanyo (Republicans for National Renewal, Executive Director)  
  • Juan Angel Soto (Disenso Foundation, International Director) 

Moderator: Imre Andrikó (MCC, student)

20.30 – 23.00                      Informal discussion, refreshments

Do please come if you’re in the neighborhood.