Election Night Tips and Media Options

Source: Power Line

I got the Mathias Corvinus Collegium election night watch party off to a rousing start with a keynote talk about the American political landscape and the history of mid-term elections. It was standing room only—more than 200 highly motivated conservative students in the crowd—in the spacious and brightly designed Scruton Cafe that anchors the main MCC campus. Great food and drink after, but it’s getting late here and I need to turn in for the night.

In the meantime, when vote counts start happening in a few hours, I’d stick with Henry Olsen’s Twitter feed, which will be much better race-by-race source than any of the TV news channels.

But also at 9 pm eastern (6 pm Pacific), John Yoo and Lucretia will be doing a live recording of the Three Whisky Happy Hour hosted by Ricochet (since I will be asleep at that hour and can’t do it myself). You need to be a Ricochet member to tune in live and pose questions and comments to John and Lucretia. If you’re not a Ricochet member it is cheap to join (there are even free trial subscription options). I’ll post the audio here first thing tomorrow morning, but it may be overtaken by the actual vote counts.

Anyway, some scenes from the evening here: