Elon Musk is now a Russian stooge apparently

Source: Hot Air

For some reason the Elite™ can’t just disagree with you, they either have to censor you or accuse you of being a Russian spy.

If they can’t coerce you out of existence, they will cancel you, and then coerce you. You will comply in the end.

The campaign to do this to Elon Musk has been going on since Musk announced that he was voting Republican. He was already on the cancel list when started defending free speech, became a threat when he decided to buy Twitter, and became an existential threat when that purchase went through and he started to free things up.

I, and everybody else on the Right, has been writing about the effort since it began. Musk, who actually is no conservative, has become a hero because he is fighting a battle for all people oppressed by the censorious class–and conservatives are a large proportion of those people.

The campaign of slander is heating up, as is the pressure for Apple and Google to kick Twitter off their platforms. Keep in mind that both of those companies promote TikTok and profit off it. And nobody seriously questions that TikTok is an actual danger to both national security and to the mental health of children. Government officials are literally saying that. It is Chinese spyware–and used by people at both the White House and Pentagon.

This is a full blown propaganda campaign, and it is being put out on all platforms including Twitter. The campaign is obvious if you look for it, but as with all such campaigns it is working pretty well anyway. Repetition has a power all its own, even when it is a lie.

Notice how both prominent and not-so-prominent accounts are tweeting out exactly the same message? Clearly this is coordinated.

The media is also deeply implicated in this conspiracy–at it clearly is a coordinated effort and, as they deny they are doing it, it counts as a conspiracy. Not a conspiracy THEORY, but a genuine conspiracy to destroy Musk and Twitter. 

Watch this White House reporter encourage the White House to suppress Musk. This is only one of many such messages emanating from the president and his minions.

We are at a “critical moment” and must maintain a consistent narrative. Will you do that for us, please? From a member of the f’ing press, who apparently are openly advocating for the silencing for everybody but themselves and other members of the Elite™.

Musk actually predicted this, although I am not sure he anticipated how vile the Elite™ would get.

“Misinformation” and “hate speech,” which is defined as almost anything the Elite™ disapproves of, must be suppressed. Misinformation is not information that is wrong–the government puts out more false information in a day than trolls on Twitter do in a lifetime–it is just anything they dislike or that threatens their chosen propaganda.

The new hotness is that Musk is an agent of, or at least an enabler of, Vladimir Putin. As a certified Putin hater I understand the desire to demonize him, although I think it is counterproductive for a lot of reasons. But the constant accusations against anybody who the Left dislikes as a Putin puppet is as tiresome as it is, apparently, effective. People trust the Elite™ for some reason, and as such the smears work with a lot of people.

If Putin were so effective using propaganda you would think there would be a lot more sympathy for him and his war effort in Ukraine, but somehow the obvious ineffectiveness of Russian propaganda efforts does not render him any less scary to people. He apparently can control the minds of everybody unless the Elite™ and the MSM can control what you are allowed to see and hear.

The Elite™ is willing to spread misinformation itself to push this Narrative™; what Dash is saying below is known to be false (Musk never talked to Putin about Ukraine, and his position is actually the same or similar to the ones European leaders are now trying to push the US to accept). None of that matters though, because Narrative™.

Nobody seems to care that Twitter has been filled with Iranian, Russian, North Korean and Taliban propaganda since its inception. It is only when Musk allows conservatives to speak more freely on Twitter that suddenly there is a HUGE problem. Rioters used both Twitter and Facebook to coordinate the destruction of American cities, but that was fine. But a conservative speaking on Twitter is a threat to democracy itself.

If you are skeptical about the Elite™ control of the Narrative, watch this video. It includes anchors from TV stations across the country, all repeating the exact same words, and all from different networks. A script went out to all of them and they dutifully read it in stentorian tones.

It is real. And Tafoya is a former reporter, so she knows how the system works.

Again look at the logos. All from different NETWORKS, so this is no script from the home office. This comes from somebody even higher up than the executives who run the largest media corporations in the world.

We can only guess who that might be. But is clearly is somebody with the power to hand a script to the most powerful media outlets in the universe and make them comply.  We don’t have names, but we do have minds to deduce the answer.