Everyone seems to be all a Twitter

Source: Hot Air

Talk about “panties in a wad,” as they used to say back up on the mountain when I was a teenager. Elon Musk simply has everyone losing their collective minds over his recent purchase, his consequent actions and the things they find objectionable about him owning Twitter are truly bemusing.

Why so mad?

Most certainly, none of these organizations or individuals of a Leftist persuasion had ever expressed any of those same objections in all the previous years of Twitter’s outrageously heavy-handed, one-sided censorship/out-right election interference. This sudden concern is so confounding. As David wrote about this morning, the EU is SO incensed, they are threatening to ban the app. I can’t imagine why. John and Jazz have both recently told us about Musk’s efforts to clean the site of AntiFa accounts – I know he’s wiped a ton of child traffickers, as well – and begin the era of transparency he promised.

What’s not to love?

Oh, the Left. It’s had the opposite effect on their little pointy heads, and they seem to be in a frenzied panic. I mean, look who righteously weighed in this afternoon…while making even less sense than she does on any given day.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Twitter a “private business”? Does not Musk OWN said business, ergo has the right to run it as he see fit?

That’s what we were all told for years, as we were booted – sometimes permanently – as God knows what infraction caused the previous hierarchy to spaz, and OFF WITH OUR HEADS. “SILENCE, conservative peasant! It’s a private business.” *click* Of course, Warren wouldn’t know what “business” was if it hit her in the teepee, but she sure can spot a camera from a mile away.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and other such sundry trifles, piped up about the trifecta this morning – free speech, 1st Amendments and a Twitter Bill of Rights! Where did that come from? Most peculiar.

Exactly! He also seems to have slept through the last five years or so, as I have zero recollection of Mark Cuban defending my 1st Amendment rights at any time during them. Although he is being painted as a hero by the very press involved in trying to spike Musk themselves. Look at this headline – what a hoot!

Billionaire Mark Cuban Challenges Elon Musk
The star of the hit TV show “Shark Tank” is closely monitoring the changes on Twitter by the CEO of Tesla.

Sing Hosanna – Mark Cuban is on the job! Not all heroes wear capes, am I right? YGTBFKM dudes.

Not to leave the power of the federal government out of the general panic, the French Lady made sure to put Musk on notice after a reporter asked if the White House was “concerned about Twitter becoming a vector for misinformation.” Truly, that word is such a tell.

Oh, yes, said Ms. Jean-Pierre. We’ve got our eye on him.

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Is the WH mad because the Bluebird no longer takes their calls? Does their dirty bird bidding? Well, gosh – no need to act that way. It’s unseemly.

This fellow gets it. The Left’s problem is seeing him “get it” and realizing that others are seeing him – and seeing it for themselves.

It’s a general pile-on of all the usual suspects, but out in the open. I’m taking notes. For instance, Kevin McCarthy blasted the WH for their twitter monitoring BS – good for him. One leadership point awarded! The virtue signaling frauds are also being exposed, like…Mark Cuban. His big STUNNING! BRAVE! tweet to Musk about rights and free speech?

Cuban cut off the comments.

You know who never cuts off the commenting?

I knew you knew.

Choose freedom.