Friday ‘Toon: Merrick Garland’s Moral Compass Points in One Direction

Source: RedState

Even before Trump left the White House, the DOJ had different rules depending on who you supported. Even before 2016, the FBI and DOJ, through wholly political actors like James Comey and Peter Strzok, were after Trump and everyone in his orbit. After Trump left office and Merrick Garland took the reins at DOJ, Garland’s moral compass has been pointed in one direction – anything that helps Democrats is where he goes.

Parents are labeled domestic terrorists. Selfie-taking grandmothers are sent to prison. People in Trump’s orbit are perp-walked off airplanes and handcuffed for extra humiliation. But protest in front of conservative SCOTUS home in violation of federal law and you get a pass. Hunter Biden’s laptop is  suppressed because of politics, but Ashley Biden’s diary is treated like stolen nuclear blueprints. Journalists’ homes are raided over Biden’s diary. An unnecessary raid on a former president’s home, in violation of the 4th Amendment’s prohibition against general warrants, are forms of intimidation not by a tinpot South American dictator, but by the Attorney General of the United States.

Merrick Garland has claimed he performs his job “without fear or favor.” Only one of those verbs is accurate. Garland doesn’t fear congressional oversight. He and Capitol Hill are on the same team. He has the unrestricted support of Democrats in Congress and the pudding brain in the Oval Office. He also has the support of the FBI.

He can point his “moral”compass in any direction. It always points in the same direction–whatever helps his cronies in the White House and Congress.