Gascón’s Los Angeles: A Homeowner Becomes His Own Best Self-Defense

Source: RedState

I stated in prior articles about good guys with guns that we would be hearing more stories of this nature, particularly since Democrat-run Leftist cities continue to double-down on their stupidity in maligning and defunding the police, allowing activist district attorneys to tilt at windmills, while criminals are set free and crime flows unchecked.

Welcome to the new normal: Citizens armed and ready to defend themselves. I predict that California will be the epicenter of many of these stories now, and in the future. The Norco liquor store owner was one of the first California stories reported, and now that the George Gascón Recall went down in flames due to incompetence and malfeasance (not the will of the voters), we are going to hear about more.

People can no longer rely on law enforcement or the criminal justice system to have their back, and they are acting accordingly.

Case in point, on Friday, from KTLA News:

A homeowner shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to stab him outside his home in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles late Friday, police said.

Officers responded to the area of E. Avenue 28 around 9:40 p.m. on a report of “shots fired” during a home invasion.

Authorities tell KTLA 5 the homeowner was in his front yard when the suspect approached him, walked onto his property, and charged at him with a knife. The homeowner opened fire, striking the suspect, who then fled approximately a quarter-mile before he collapsed and died, police said.

The homeowner was not injured and family members, who were inside at the time of the incident, were unharmed.

I call this a win-win. According to the report, there may be a question on whether the homeowner knew the alleged attacker, or whether it was “a clear case of self-defense.”

What is clear is a criminal is off the street and a family was unharmed. The people of Los Angeles County are taking note, and many are now packing heat.