GOP Gains Minority Voters

Source: Power Line

It is not news that the Republicans’ share of black and Hispanic votes is rising, but the latest Wall Street Journal poll has some recent numbers:

About 17% of Black voters said they would pick a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat in Journal polls both in late October and in August. That is a substantially larger share than the 8% of Black voters who voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020 and the 8% who backed GOP candidates in 2018 House races, as recorded by AP VoteCast, a large survey of voters who participated in those elections.

As more blacks come out as Republican voters, that percentage is sure to increase, as Democratic policies offer nothing to voters of any race whose major concerns are the cost of living and crime.

Among Latino voters, Democrats held a lead of 5 percentage points over Republicans in the choice of a congressional candidate in the Journal’s October survey, a narrower advantage than the Democrats’ 11-point lead in August.

That is a sharp drop in Democratic support in a short time, but what is really remarkable is the shift since 2018 and 2020:

Latino voters in 2020 favored President Biden over Mr. Trump by 28 percentage points and Democratic candidates in 2018 House races by 31 points, VoteCast found.

So, from 28-point and 31-point leads, down to 5. And falling. If those numbers are even remotely close, there are major areas of the country where the Democrats will struggle to win anything.