Governor Abbott sends 300th migrant bus on its way out of Texas to a sanctuary city

Source: Hot Air

The 300th bus transporting illegal immigrants left Texas on Thursday with its final destination as Chicago. Governor Greg Abbott, fresh off a win for re-election, is continuing to make good on his promise to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Transportation, food, and water are provided to those who voluntarily agree to leave Texas and go elsewhere. The first buses were sent to Washington, D.C. to deliver a message to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris (the border czar), and lawmakers. The message is that the porous southern border is being ignored by those charged with securing it and the sovereignty of the United States. Other buses have been sent to New York City and Chicago.

We know what the Biden administration has done so far. Biden, Harris, and DHS Secretary Mayorkas all claim the border is secure. They deny reality. There have been millions of apprehensions since Biden took office and created the Biden border crisis. Not only did he sign executive orders and memos on Day One to freeze deportations, he refuses to insist that DHS follow immigration law. Most of the illegal immigrants who cross into the United States from Mexico claim asylum, though very few actually qualify for asylum. There are strict laws about migrants seeking asylum yet the number of illegal immigrants has been so high these last two years on Biden’s watch that Border Patrol agents cannot do their jobs. They apprehend illegal immigrants who do not cross at legal ports of entry and the rest are “gotaways”, those who run from law enforcement at the border and vanish into communities without apprehension.

Illegal immigrants are released with a reminder to check in with a local ICE office once they get to their final destination in the United States. What could go wrong? To relieve the overcrowding in border communities and cities in Texas, Governor Abbott is transporting them to other places outside of Texas who claim to be sanctuary cities. If they want to boast about welcoming all, even illegal immigrants, why not take them up on their hospitality and provide some relief for Texas? Texas taxpayers have paid for Joe Biden’s border crisis and that burden should be shared, if the federal government won’t do what is needed to secure the border. Every state is a border state in Biden’s America.

The Biden border crisis has produced millions of illegal immigrants and also a flood of illegal drugs into our country, such as fentanyl, which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, including young people. Drug cartels are in control of parts of the southern border. Border Patrol agents don’t have all the resources they need to do their jobs, including such equipment like night vision goggles.

Abbott and other Republicans have criticized the Biden administration for not doing enough to secure the border as record-breaking numbers of migrants continue to overwhelm border agents and the cities in which they are released.

He has touted Operation Lone Star, a joint mission to combat illegal immigration and crime at the border, since the effort launched in March.

In October, he said more than 336 million lethal doses of fentanyl have been seized since it began. In October, more than 64,000 illegal immigrants evaded the Border Patrol while another 205, 000 were apprehended.

Sanctuary city mayors like to make a fuss over these buses arriving in their cities but they have remained silent as DHS flies illegal immigrants into cities across the country, often in the dead of night to hide what they are doing. Federal officials continue to fly illegal immigrants out of El Paso for processing elsewhere. This is meant to “decompress” a holding facility that is operating at three times its capacity.

The daily flights typically carry 135 migrants from El Paso primarily to South Texas destinations, federal officials told Border Report on Wednesday.

The flights and hundreds of recent releases of paroled migrants on El Paso streets are meant to reduce the overcrowding at the U.S. Border Patrol’s Central Processing station. The facility in the northeast part of the city is housing an average of 3,660 migrants in its buildings and overflow areas.

The overcrowding mirrors a large number of unauthorized migrants – an average of 1,650 a day – still being apprehended in the El Paso Sector despite an ebb in the arrival of Venezuelan migrants. The Venezuelan surge of September and early October prompted city officials to open a “welcoming center” and spend millions on meals, hotels and busing for migrants. The city expects the federal government to reimburse it for those expenses.

The welcoming center in El Paso was opened to handle the large number of illegal immigrants arriving in El Paso. There has been a decline in Venezuelan migrants since an order from DHS was issued in September to immediately expel them back to Mexico to wait for their asylum claims to be processed. El Paso has spent millions of dollars on meals, hotels, and bus tickets for illegal immigrants during Biden’s border crisis. The city is expecting reimbursement from the federal government for their expenses. Those reimbursements are lagging, though. Shocker, I know.