Hillary Clinton Fundraises Off Mar-a-Lago Raid, Brags About Not Getting Same Treatment Over Emails

Source: RedState

The Democrats operate under a different set of rules and they know it. It’s why failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can mock Donald Trump about the FBI raid at his home in Mar-a-Lago and use her emails to do it.

Just to refresh your memory, the State Department combed through Clinton’s private email server and found hundreds of violations as we reported in 2019:

The State Department was conducting their own review of what was done with Clinton’s private email server and their Bureau of Diplomatic Security has now concluded that there were 588 security violations of the Department’s policy.

Clinton sent or received more than 60,000 emails on her private server. While the FBI and James Comey found that she had in fact sent and/or received classified information, including top secret information, among those emails, he declined to prosecute her, instead simply calling her “extremely careless.”

Yet, no punishments came down the line for Clinton. Thanks to the two-tiered justice system, Clinton will never suffer any blowback despite the obvious illegality of her actions.

And she knows it.

In fact, she’s content to rub it in the faces of Trump and everyone who supports him. This is why she chose today to release her “but her emails” hats and shirts in order to fundraise for her “Onward Together” PAC, which gives money to hard-left candidates.

As you can see in the tweet below, Clinton decided to run with the real estate agent strategy of using a picture of herself from decades ago.

This is Clinton acknowledging that she’s above the law. She is on record as having violated security laws while Trump is on record as having sent mean tweets. Every accusation they’ve made toward Trump has fallen short thanks to a lack of proof, yet Clinton broke the law in broad daylight and is currently laughing about it as a weaponized DOJ and FBI raid his home for the nefariously taken cocktail napkins.

This is more than Hillary Clinton laughing about her emails. This is the Democrat Party laughing at you. They know they’ll get away with any crime they commit no matter how heinous. Laptops that point to illegal overseas activity by sitting politicians will see nothing but bad headlines from conservative news organizations. Violations of security protocols will result in nothing but a shrug and mild criticism.

The rules that apply to you don’t apply to them, and they’re willing to laugh about it and ask for money from the very people they’re laughing at so they can do it more.