How to Land in Facebook Jail

Source: Power Line

Cast your mind back to Thanksgiving in 2020 and 2021, when J. Edgar Fauci was telling us that we could only have something like six people over for dinner, preferably eating outside, and all socially-distanced by at least twelve turkey-lengths, or 0.2 furlongs or something. Someone promptly produced a meme of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer saying, “No one is going to tell me how many people I can have for dinner on Thanksgiving!”

Tasteless and sick, to be sure. Also pretty funny. And not really new. I remember that after the initial shock and horror of Dahmer’s crimes were discovered 25 years ago, the comics got to work with tasteless jokes featuring punchlines about finally finding Jimmy Hoffa’s body, and new kinds of open-faced sandwiches.

Well, if you posted that Dahmer Thanksgiving meme on Facebook, it would  be struck as violating Facebook’s “community standards” for supposedly glorifying “dangerous individuals,” and get you sent to Facebook jail if you persisted or made a Charles Manson joke. I wonder what might have happened to someone who posted the video of Norm Macdonald joking about Dahmer on Saturday Night Live?

[embedded content]

Well, I decided to see if Facebook was still as clueless as ever, so I posted up a new meme just out lately, which was quickly taken down with this notice:

Oooo! No advertising or live FB broadcasting for 30 days! So in other words, probation.

Well let’s try it again. This is my FB post this evening:

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know what happens. This one may take longer for some idiotic AI algorithm to flag it, or a confused human reviewer to give it the ax.

And Facebook wonders why the number of FB users (and ad revenues) are plunging.

And boy do I miss Norm Macdonald. Should I post his video on FB and see what happens?