Hump Day ‘Toon: Fauci’s Nonsense Is (Hopefully) Circling the Drain

Source: RedState

Tony Fauci is headed for the door with the most lucrative pension in the history of the federal government. He’s out in December. But the damage is done.

Lockdowns caused irreparable harm to every part of American life. Families weren’t allowed to see dying relatives. Businesses were forced to shut down, never to reopen. Only essential things like pot sellers, and strip joints and other favored spots were left open. Things like gyms, and churches and schools– those things that made us healthy in mind and spirit–were told to shutter. He claimed he never recommended locking anything down. He lied

Parks were shut down. Beaches were shut down–because of COVID panic porn that started because of Fauci’s failures.

What about masks? Fauci told us not to wear a mask.Then wear a mask. Then wear two masks. He told us the vaccine would be “almost 100%” effective against severe infection. By February 2022, 25 percent of American COVID deaths were fully vaccinated corpses. He told us to get multiple shots and boosters, Apparently, we were supposed to boost for the rest of time. Then he got COVID.

He touted the 6-foot distance rule, even though he knew it was made up nonsense. He didn’t tout natural immunity, at least not for COVID. He told America to not shake hands. You might get an airborne virus — shaking hands.

He lumped everyone into the same pot of risk. He never went up to the White House podium and cautioned against risky behavior — like being fat with COVID might kill you.

He fear-mongered America into a near depression. America printed money it didn’t have because Fauci recommended to the president to shut the country down. “Two weeks to slow the spread” turned into two years to ruin the economy. And now that Republicans are set to retake at least the House, Fauci is taking his $500,000+ pension and hitting the speaking tour. He’ll, again puff himself as “the science” and claim that people go to medical school because of him. He’ll bask in an adulation that he doesn’t deserve.

We are in an endemic not because of his nonsense, but in spite of it. His nonsense is circling the drain.

The only thing bigger than the mess he left us, and his fat pension, is his fat head.

Go Fauci yourself, Tony.