In Time for Labor Day, Joe Biden’s Minions Have Come up With the Answer to Chronic Airline Delays

Source: RedState

With Labor Day and Election Day looming and a continuation of summer-long flight delays and cancelations affecting millions, the Biden administration has just the solution:

A new government website.

And in an Exclusive Report including – wait for it — an actual interview with Pete Buttigieg, NBC News is more than happy to help sell the Biden plan.

TV news absolutely adores air travel delays, especially on holidays when there are no nail-salon shootings to show police cars with flashing lights.

Travel delays are so easy (and cheap) for TV to cover. Just send a camera crew to capture long lines, tired travelers sitting on airport floors playing cards, flight screens covered with “CANCELED” lines, rows of planes awaiting takeoff. And, of course, a sound bite of the hassled Mom stuck for hours with a screaming baby.

Let’s be honest: Such media Exclusives are exclusive because no one else would fall for the government PR’s pitch to show how very hard this vacationing president is working for the people of America.

We’re all idiots, you see, because we have a hard time remembering Joe Biden’s many achievements beyond pouring trillions of new dollars into an overheated economy and botching the Afghan exit a year ago this week.

Truth is, Joe Biden couldn’t care less about millions of regular people losing precious hours of their life over a screwed up federally-controlled air traffic system overseen by a former mayor.

Our president is actually off on yet another vacation on yet another beach. Biden’s only flight delays come when he falls on the plane stairs.

Whenever a president does fly anywhere, regular people get more flight delays because his 747 gets priority over everything else. Remember 1993 when fellow Democrat Bill Clinton shut down half of LAX for an hour so his Beverly Hills stylist Christophe could give him a $200 haircut aboard a parked Air Force One?

So, NBC’s Today Show is on board touting yet another empty photo-op to show this Democrat busily showing empty efforts. Biden actually did two photo-ops a few months ago to appear to be doing something about the supply chain crisis. Check store shelves now. They did nothing, of course. But the images looked good on TV.

[embedded content]

Politico is also on board with Biden’s bid to look busy. Our colleague Joe Cunningham explains that site’s story on how Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, plans to show a “season of substance” about all the great Biden achievements.

This is designed, like everything else out of the White House these days, to convince voters they should leave control of Congress and spending in the capable, aged hands of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

So, about the new Biden administration website that’s going to appear to solve the air-travel problems. It’s not actually up and running yet. There have been some delays there too. Think that infamous ObamaCare website launch blamed on poor management by the Obama-Biden administration.

But Buttigieg fully expects his troubled problem-solving website to be running by the Friday of Labor Day Weekend in time for stranded passengers to scan it while waiting in crowded airports.

According to NBC, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg said the summer’s endless delays for millions were unacceptable. He declared:

The message to the airlines is that you’ve got to make it easier for passengers to understand their rights. And you’ve got to support passengers when they experience delays or cancellations.

And he threatened to plan to write a new rule change unless airlines shape up. According to Buttigieg’s data, in the first six months of this year, 24 percent of U.S. flights were delayed and 3.2 percent were canceled.

Of course, as a cabinet secretary for Joe Biden, Buttigieg blames someone else, in this case the airlines, which claim a shortage of pilots.

To appear to fix something, earlier this month Buttigieg’s department announced a proposed new rule change governing ticket refunds. This additional rule change is not written yet. But the announcement was made that it could be at some point down the road, which sounded good at the time.

Back to you in the studio, Al.