Inflation, Biden’s Fire and Rain celebration, spiritual warfare, and David Limbaugh: Today’s #TEMS!

Source: Hot Air

The latest episode of The Ed Morrissey Show podcast is now up! Today’s show features:

  • How did the White House use a ballad about suicide and loss as an anthem for celebration? Joe Biden’s victory lap turned into a humiliation, and inflation is as bad as ever.
  • Plus, I discuss the latest developments in John Durham’s probe and more about today’s top stories.
  • David Limbaugh then joins me to discuss his new book The Resurrected Jesus, the depth of Paul’s epistles, and how they undergird the modern church. David and I also talk about politics (a little!), the joy of working with his daughter Christen Limbaugh Bloom on this latest project — and how much he misses his brother Rush.

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