Iran tries to hijack US Navy unmanned vessel

Source: Hot Air

The White House keeps saying we may be close to sealing a deal with Iran, without ever once letting the public know what sort of agreements are being discussed. The only feedback we ever seem to get is from the Iranians, who have been making demands ranging from a complete end to all sanctions against them and the removal of any and all IAEA monitoring of their nuclear sites. But what sort of partner do we have in these negotiations and are these really the people we should be cutting deals with?

We know that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard continues to launch terrorist attacks in multiple countries, particularly Syria, and they’re still firing missiles into Iraq. Now they’ve attempted an even bolder move, challenging the supremacy of the American Navy in the region. Earlier this week, the IRG Navy (yes, they have naval vessels) seized an unmanned U.S. Navy “saildrone” (an experimental surveillance ship) and attempted to tow it away. An American Navy patrol ship intervened and recovered the craft, but it was yet another example of the lack of boundaries recognized by the Iranians. (The Warzone)

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, or IRGCN, attempted to capture a Saildrone unmanned surface vessel operated by the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet in the Arabian Gulf yesterday. A Navy patrol boat responded to the incident, and the Iranians subsequently released the unmanned craft. However, the attempt nonetheless underscores growing concerns over the threat of capture faced by unmanned vessels.

According to the Navy’s official statement on the matter, the incident occurred at around 11:00 PM local time on August 29 when the service’s 5th Fleet was transiting international waters and observed the IRGCN’s support ship Shahid Baziar. Being towed in its path was the United States’s Saildrone Explorer unmanned surface vessel (USV), which you can read all about here, in what the Navy claims to have been an attempt on the IRGCN’s part to capture the ship.

For the military tech geeks in the audience, you can read all about the Saildrone Explorer from the Warzone here. It’s a small surface craft that uses Artificial Intelligence to autonomously patrol international waters and track all naval activity in the area. And because our military is now moving fully into woke territory, the saildrone is powered entirely by wind and solar energy.

How many more examples of Iranian hostility and aggression do we need to see? They’re still threatening to drive Israel into the sea on a nearly weekly basis. They are firmly in bed with Russia, China, and the rest of the new Axis of Evil. And yet the Biden administration has continued to send our people into third-party negotiations with them, hoping for any scraps they might toss us from their table.

This is yet another case of our foreign policy being hijacked (much like the saildrone) for no reason other than political expediency. Donald Trump pulled us out of the totally ineffective Iran Deal, and his wisdom in doing so continues to be proven out by the Iranians’ own actions on a regular basis. But since it was a decision made by the Bad Orange Man, Joe Biden promised to reverse that call on the campaign trail. So now, no matter how disastrous things turn out to be, he will continue to beg for a deal just so he can check off another box on his list of campaign promises before the midterms.

Don’t take my word for it. John Bolton, a man who has been dealing with the Iranian situation for decades, recently told CNBC that reviving the deal under the current conditions would be a “stunning mistake” and would set up Iran to be a perfect partner for Russia.

Bolton, a longtime Iran hawk, argued the deal would make Iran a “better partner” for Russia and pose a threat to not just the Middle East region, but also the world.

“I think the immediate consequence, obviously, will be the unfreezing of billions of dollars of Iranian assets, which will go back under their control, with their discretion to spend it on their nuclear program, their support for international terrorism in the Middle East and beyond,” Bolton told CNBC’s Dan Murphy. “It’s really a stunning mistake by the Biden administration.“

Earlier this week on Twitter, I noted that even CNN has been catching on to just how bad the Iranians have been behaving. Of course, they have to pull their punches even when it comes to Iranian terrorists threatening the lives of American citizens. I copied this from the CNN chyron. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it before they changed topics.