Is Kamala home? Two migrant buses arrive outside Naval Observatory

Source: Hot Air

Fox News was there as two buses of illegal migrants arrived in front of the Naval Observatory this morning. The migrants were from Venezuela and none were speaking English as the reporter tried to ask them some basic questions. A bus driver didn’t want to talk when asked if the people were Venezuelans, as several said they were.

The buses came from Texas. Governors Abbott and Ducey have pledged to continue to send migrant buses to sanctuary cities to highlight the open border and the Biden border crisis. Governor Ron DeSantis has joined in the effort. John wrote about buses arriving in Martha’s Vineyard yesterday, courtesy of the Governor of Florida.

The Fox reporter asked one of the Venezuelans if the border was open or closed. The answer was “open”. Obviously, that is the answer as these Venezuelans came across the border themselves before being apprehended. The trend is that large groups of migrants are coming from Venezuela and overwhelming border communities. They admit they are coming for economic opportunities, however, that is not a legitimate reason to be granted asylum under current immigration law.

On CNN’s morning show, New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar, Sunday show host Abby Phillip said that Texas could use the dollars spent to send migrant buses to sanctuary cities on services to facilitate connecting migrants with family members or sponsors. She called the routing of buses to sanctuary cities “a political stunt.” She is using White House talking points with that description. The problem with that snarky criticism is that it is not the job of the State of Texas to connect illegal migrants with family or sponsors. That is the job of the federal government. We have been told that Kamala Harris and DHS Secretary Mayorkas are prioritizing reunification, so, where are they? It’s clear that DHS is not capable of handling the flood of migrants and expects border states to do their work.

The migrants voluntarily board buses to go to sanctuary cities because they want to get to other cities or parts of the United States. They don’t have ties to Texas or family in the state. What the migrant buses and their arrivals in sanctuary cities have shown so far is that the progressive Democrats proudly virtue-signaling about their humanitarianism and inclusivity, welcoming illegal migrants into their cities is all for show. They weren’t prepared to provide services for them. It’s all feel-good talk.

Dylan Fernandes, a Massachusetts State Representative, said on CNN this morning that the island of Martha’s Vineyard has rallied together to care for the migrants. He also called Governor DeSantis a coward and accused him of using the migrants as political pawns. Then he questioned Republicans who “claim to be Christians” who approve of these actions. For good measure, he name-checked Tucker Carlson, saying DeSantis is sending buses now to get on his show. Kinda like how Fernandes is willing to trash others in order to get an interview on CNN today?

I’m surprised that migrant buses haven’t stopped at Kamala’s house before today. She’s the border czar, right? She’s the one who is so diligently working on the “root causes” and declaring that the border is not open. It’s all so ridiculous. If she truly was working on the open border, it would have been closed by now and there would be no need for migrants to be bused out of Texas or Arizona to relieve overcrowding and overwhelmed border personnel. The Biden border crisis proves her incompetence and apathy to the situation. DHS Secretary Mayorkas is her accomplice, burying his head in the sand and sounding like Baghdad Bob – the border is secure.

Did Kamala welcome the 50 migrants who arrived in front of her house this morning? Did she ask them in and serve breakfast to them? Of course not. She’s as big of a hypocrite as any other Democrat. Illegal migration is someone else’s problem, specifically, it’s the problem for border states to handle.

As I finish this post, I have not seen one word reported on CNN about the buses in front of Kamala’s house. As usual, only Fox News is on the scene and reporting on it.