Jill Biden’s non-answer to a question on student loan forgiveness is… odd

Source: Hot Air

Jill Biden was asked a question during a photo op Wednesday at the White House. The reporter asked, “How is student loan cancellation going to bring down the cost of higher education?” It turns out that Jill Biden doesn’t have any better of an answer than any other Democrat, including her husband, to that question.

Are we sure she’s negative for the coronavirus now? She looks and sounds, well, not so great. Anyway, that lame answer was probably the best she could do since there is not a positive-sounding answer to that question. Student loan debt isn’t really being cancelled, it’s being transferred to taxpayers. All of us will pay for Joe Biden’s election year bribe to younger voters. It was kind of ironic to hear Jill use the excuse that it was a campaign promise, though, given the fact that she talked Joe into putting free community college tuition for all in his list of campaign promises. He hasn’t gotten that one through. She teaches English composition and English fundamentals at Northern Virginia Community College, you know. Surely she could have articulated a better answer if she had not be caught off guard. Or, maybe not. Her stepson, Hunter, says she’s not too bright.

Jill chaired a “Meeting to Strengthen the Teaching Profession” at the White House on Wednesday. She should have been ready for that question because Bumbling Joe keeps saying that loan forgiveness will bring down the cost of higher education. Anyone with any common sense knows that what he is saying isn’t true but here we are. Every Democrat who is asked to justify the loan debt forgiveness punts the question. None are brave enough to admit it is the American taxpayers who will foot the bill. The biggest beneficiaries will be white collar professionals with student debt from law school or medical school. Plumbers, construction workers, and shop clerks are on the hook for the debts now. The Democrat Party truly is no longer the party of working class Americans.

The president popped his head in. Well, what else does he have to do? We know he isn’t working on any big solutions to the many crises his administration has caused.

The Washington Post ran a piece on how different having COVID-19 was for Jill Biden versus Melania Trump. It was a big ole puff piece of how wonderful St. Jill is and how, essentially, Melania contacted the coronavirus due to Amy Coney Barrett’s announcement to the Supreme Court that was celebrated at the White House. No matter what, the media will find a way to slam Trump in every article.

Melania Trump, then 50, had been at the White House for the packed, maskless September 2020 ceremony announcing her husband’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court that has been linked to the coronavirus infections of two dozen people, including Donald Trump, his wife, then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, members of the media, and members of Congress. Up until then, Melania had often bucked her husband’s approach to the disease, as the only member of the Trump family to wear a mask to the presidential debates (at least some of the time). She even released a PSA about mask-wearing five days after her husband said, “I just don’t want to wear one.”

While Donald Trump was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center receiving an antibody treatment not yet available to the public, Melania Trump opted to stay in the White House residence and “to go a more natural route in terms of medicine, opting more for vitamins and healthy food,” she wrote for the official White House website in a piece titled “My personal experience with covid-19.” She also revealed, for the first time, that Barron Trump had tested positive at the same time as his parents.

The contrast in the two first ladies’ coronavirus experiences is, in its own way, a stark reminder of the differences between the two administrations’ approaches to the virus, and also, how much the experience of contracting the coronavirus has changed over two years.

It was quite a long way to go to note how testing positive for the coronavirus was then and how it is now. Jill Biden is back and preparing to go to the U.N. General Assembly this month where she hopes to practice speaking Spanish. The swooning piece in WaPo reports she has been taking a course online to learn Spanish this summer. In light of the really bad breakfast taco remark in San Antonio, though, does she really want to do that? The word is out – she is as racist as her husband, intentional or not.