Kamala’s Salad-Shooter Strikes Again

Source: Power Line

Listeners of the Saturday podcast will know that we have a competition under way to come up with the best dressing for a Kamala Harris Word Salad. My first cut: A thick tofu-based topping, featuring saccharin-infused molasses, oleomargarine (in place of Olive oil), turmeric, St. John’s wart, and malt vinegar.

Meanwhile, Kamala has tossed another classic word salad, this time down at the aborted launch of NASA’s Artemis 1. Scroll to the 44-second mark of this video (though the first half about her defense of student loans is good for a laugh too):

[embedded content]

P.S. “What has never been done before”?? Does she actually think we haven’t been to the Moon until now? (Maybe she’s seen the secret files that the moon landing was faked!)