Karine Jean-Pierre Goes ‘Deer in Headlights,’ Walks Into a Trap When Pressed on Illegal Student Loan Move

Source: RedState

The White House made the unprecedented and illegal move to “cancel” hundreds of billions of dollars in federally-backed student debt on Wednesday. The move sent shockwaves through the political environment as it represented a massive redistribution of wealth from the majority of Americans, including many in the lower middle class, to a small subset of mostly well-off individuals (or those with the capacity to be well-off).

But if you thought Joe Biden and his band of merry advisors actually thought through what they did, think again. Alright, no one actually thought that, but still. Here’s the president’s press secretary having absolutely no answer when pressed on how this handout will be paid for.

I love that answer so much. “Well, you see, this is paid for because Joe Biden is just so awesome, and his awesomeness magically excretes dollar bills to cover the cost of our illegal action.” Jean-Pierre likely knew this move was coming for weeks and that’s the best reasoning she could come up with to answer the most obvious question imaginable. It’s astonishing.

Things only got worse from there. Jean-Pierre was pressed again on how the debt “forgiveness” program will be paid for. That’s when she decided to walk right into the trap the reporter laid for her. But really, guys, I’m assured that she’s just so good at this.

So let me get this straight. The White House doesn’t want to “get ahead” of themselves on saying how much this ridiculous abuse of power is going to cost, but they are sure it’ll be paid for by unicorn farts and rainbows. That makes sense, right?

Truly, this nation is run by the absolute dumbest people alive. I mean, they’ve got their degrees and wall of credentials, but as far as actual intelligence, there’s precious little to be found. Jean-Pierre is the poster child for that reality in Washington, being so obviously unqualified for her job, yet doing that job with abject arrogance and rank contempt for normal Americans.

The White House has no plan here. It’s just another “pen and phone” moment without even a single thought as to the unintended consequences of dumping hundreds of billions of dollars in buying power into an economy that’s already sitting at nearly nine percent inflation. Never mind the illegality here that should lead to Biden’s impeachment and the fact that it’ll further increase the deficit. The powers that be are completely out of control, and nothing is going to rein them in except total defeat at the ballot box.