Left Eats Left: Carolyn Maloney Uses ‘Senile’ Word About Jerry Nadler, He’s Likely to Get the Boot

Source: RedState

There’s a primary contest in New York on Tuesday that either way it comes out is going to be a benefit to Republicans.

The districts have been redrawn in New York and because of that, now two Democratic House leaders are running against each other in the 12th District in New York: Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rep. Carolyn Maloney. Nadler is the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Maloney is the Chair of the House Oversight Committee.

FiveThirtyEight suggests that Maloney is the favorite, since it was her original district. But they do note that she almost lost it last time to Suraj Patel who is also running again in this primary.

But it’s not looking good for Nadler who hasn’t had to face any real challenge in years and Maloney isn’t holding back on him. She even cited to a NY Post editorial against him.

“They call him senile,” the 76-year-old Maloney told reporters on Saturday. “They cite his performance at the debate where he couldn’t even remember who he impeached. He said he impeached Bush.”

In the editorial that Maloney was referring to, the paper noted: “In NY-12, combining Manhattan’s Upper East and West sides, Rep. Jerry Nadler exposed himself as this close to senile in that epic NY1 debate, though his bungling of Trump impeachment hearings (Speaker Nancy Pelosi eventually steered later proceedings away from his Judiciary Committee as a result) provided earlier signs. And don’t forget his Acela phone call where he got recorded discussing his secret-oops impeachment plans! Fact is, this is his first real race in decades: He may have been losing it for years.”

Now that’s an honest take but you’d never get that if she wasn’t running against him. But left finally taking on the left with some honesty is delicious.

Here was that moment in the NY-10 debate where they were asked the question if they thought that Biden should run again. Patel said yes, Nadler gave the craven, political answer that he wasn’t going to say, and Maloney gave the honest but not advantageous answer that she didn’t think he was running again.

Then she tried to clean it up saying she wanted him to run again and that he was a “great president.” So she blew the honest take and talk about being out of touch.

Either way one of them is out and it’s looking like Nadler is probably the one who is going to get the boot. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Of all the Democrats in the House who deserve the boot, he has to be right up there. Not just because of his radical positions and his chairing of the impeachment, but because he’s another one of the Democrats who often seems incoherent.