Liz Cheney Fully Jumps the Shark With Announcement About Mid-Terms

Source: RedState

I bring completely shocking, unexpected news on this Sunday morning: Liz Cheney is a Democrat.

I know that you are asking yourself how that could possibly be. She’s just so darn principled and cares so deeply about the future of the country. Also, her behavior on the January 6th committee has not at all been antithetical to how justice is supposed in the United States.

Alas, though there was no way to foresee it and no one predicted it, she’s going to be supporting Democrats in the coming mid-terms.

Putting all the sarcasm aside, even I may have underestimated how quick Cheney would be to institute her next grift. After soaking out-of-state donors for her Wyoming primary despite all signs pointing to the epic defeat she ultimately suffered, Cheney rolled out a new scam PAC less than 24 hours later. No, I’m not kidding. She actually changed her campaign website to a donation page within hours of her defeat being finalized.

And what’s she going to do with all that high-brow, beltway money that will no doubt flow in? She’s going to use it to try to get Democrats elected in November. I have to give my colleague Jim Thompson credit, because he called this days ago, creating a cartoon of Liz Cheney placed inside the logo of the “The Lincoln Project,” another scam PAC that supports Democrats while claiming to be Republican.

Talk about being right on the money. Cheney is not principled. She doesn’t actually care about stopping the dangerous onslaught of left-wing ideology seeking to overtake the country. All she cares about is her petty feud with Donald Trump, and she’s willing to put objectively awful people in office that will harm Americans if it means she gets to take a shot at the orange man. That’s why she deservedly got creamed in Wyoming. There’s nothing moral or “country over party” about her behavior, and anyone still pretending Cheney is sincere is deluding themselves.

How do I know that? Because she’s not going to spend a dime to try to defeat the two Democrats on her own January 6th committee who voted against the certification of the 2004 and 2016 elections (Bennie Thompson and Jamie Raskin). She’s also not going to spend any money trying to defeat Stacey Abrams in Georgia, who still says she won her 2018 election against Brian Kemp. I’ve never once heard Cheney criticize Democrat election-denial, including from Hillary Clinton, regarding the 2016 election either. She doesn’t care about those “election-deniers.” In fact, in the case of her committee colleagues, she’s praised them.

Again, there’s no principle guiding this woman. It’s just naked politics and a desire to enrich herself and raise her profile by building toward a scam presidential campaign in 2024. She’ll be happy to rake in donor money knowing she has zero chance of winning, and she’s going to live on television in the meantime. Cheney has fully jumped the shark, and there’s no going back for her. She is exactly who we thought she was. I hope she enjoys her new friends because she’s going to need them.