Mayorkas: the border is secure

Source: Hot Air

I have written this before, but it bears repeating ad nauseam: Democrats believe in the power of words and their ability to replace reality.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas regularly gives master classes in repeating absurdities and getting the Elites™ to nod along. He is often called before Congress to explain his utter failure to secure the border–illegal aliens stream across the border by the hundreds every day, along with deadly drugs, terrorist, and drug cartel members–and he regularly repeats that the border is actually quite secure and that there is no problem at all.

This is hardly the first time Mayorkas has sat down before Congress and lied. He does it like clockwork, and yet it is his critics who are vilified in the media. To the extent that Mayorkas has the near universal backing of the ruling class and the media he is in fact shaping and owning reality. As the Homeland Security Secretary his definition of “secure” is the only one that counts in the real world.

A terrorist attack will surely come at some point, but just as surely kill far fewer people than the stream of fentanyl that is already flooding America due to Mayorkas’ definition of a “secure” border. Those deaths come retail, not wholesale, so they go largely ignored. And I suspect that even in the event of a terrorist attack there will be a lot of tut-tutting, but no real consequences except for the people who suffer directly.

Those of us who will demand accountability will be silenced as racists. Because of course we will. No matter what, we are the bad guys.

Many of those people dying are either non-voters or Trump voters, so what use do they have for the Elite™? Hillbillies and homeless people are disposable. The amount of fentanyl stopped at the border–by CBP agents utterly unsupported by their federal bosses, who vilify them every chance they get–pales in comparison to what sneaks through. It is cheap to produce and relatively easy to smuggle because the CBP is stretched so thin by the flood of migrants that only luck helps them catch any at all. The border is literally unguarded in many places:

Never in American history has crisis of this magnitude arisen at the border, and the Biden Administration apparently is happy about that. I cannot imagine why–it’s not like hispanics are thrilled by the situation. They too see the downsides. But there it is. Our border is open to all comers.

The Left has made political hay with their supporters attacking Red state governors who are overwhelmed by the crisis, claiming that exercising their modest power to address the problem is an abuse. Ironically their high profile bus trips to sanctuary cities pale in comparison to the secret flights that the Biden Administration uses daily to distribute illegal aliens around the country, and their regular dumps of illegal aliens in Red state cities. The Department of Homeland Security is the largest human trafficking operation in the world.

Demanding “sanctuary cities” bear the burden of a crisis they helped create is cruel, we are told. But abandoning aliens in Red states is good policy. Thanks Mayorkas! Punishing and slandering Republicans is what our overlords do best these days.

Governor Abbot of Texas is declaring an emergency at the border, and will face terrible pushback from Leftists who enjoy punishing Red states for voting Republican.

But what else can he possibly do? The federal government has abdicated its first responsibility–defending the sovereignty of the country and protecting its citizens, so Abbot and others are left to deal with the mess. A mess Biden created and apparently revels in worsening.

The objective reality cannot be disputed, but the political reality that matters when it comes to making policy is exactly as Mayorkas describes. The Biden Administration has a story–the border is secure–and they are sticking to it. In this case the magic power of words is working.

Mayorkas as likely as not will be impeached by the House, but as likely as not will escape any consequences.   Impeachment requires a 2/3rds vote of the Senate. It will never happen.

The standards to which we hold our public officials–at least Democrat public officials–is so low that it is difficult to imagine any but the most obviously corrupt getting booted. 8 federal judges have been impeached and convicted. Alcee Hastings was a federal judge who was impeached and convicted of bribery by the Senate, but even after that he was elected to Congress and served 10 years. Joe Biden, an obviously corrupt politician whose family business is influence peddling, is the sitting president.

It is easy to despair. Not only do we suffer from a corruption problem at the highest levels of government, but unlike in the days of machine politics we get nothing in return. At least cities run by political machines got police, fire, and trash collection. Now we get open borders and hellholes like San Francisco and Chicago where murder and theft are sports.

I root for the Republicans to impeach Mayorkas despite the obvious fact that he will escape any conviction or consequences. At least during the proceedings Republicans can highlight the crisis at the border.

But I also expect the MSM to cover for the Biden Administration, because that is now their role in the political kabuki theater that is our Republic.

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