Below is all the Info you need to enjoy The Freedom Box Membership Program!

Remember All Freedom Box Issues, Refunds or requests can be resolved by emailing [email protected]!

Your Membership includes a Monthly Redeemable Box, A Member Credit, Special Member Offers, and soon to come newsletter, and reports!

Your Membership cost is either $19.99, $24.95, $39.99, or $45.00 per month depending on the product you purchased.

Your quarterly subscription membership is $34-35* per quarterly cycle.

*Comes with a DealJar subscription – a smart network of exclusive deals and coupons available for you both on your phone and computer – valued at $39.95 per month.

During the Quarterly cycle a upgraded Redeemable Box code will be sent out!

Each month 1-3 membership benefits emails will be sent to your email on file containing your Freedom Box Redeem code and Member Credit code!

To Redeem your Freedom Box Membership Code please take the code you get in your membership benefit email here! (

Please make sure to use your email on file and verify shipping info. If you do not use your Freedom Box code the month it is sent out you may redeem at a later date just enter into the above form!

The Member Credit Code can be applied to your cart on any items you want in the store! Member Credit does not store month to month unlike the Freedom Box however if you would like to save up your credit please email [email protected] so we can notate your account!

Your Member Credit will vary from $30-$100 per month.

To Cancel your Membership Anytime please visit here ( and you will be automatically removed!

Also through out the month you will receive up coming billing notifications with 1 Click Opt out cancels to make it nice and easy for you!

You may also email support!

All Membership is backed by our refund guarantee!

If you would like to request new membership features and perks please reach out and let us know!

Thank you for joining The Freedom Box!