About Your Membership

At American Freedom, we want our members to truly feel they are continually getting a great experience from us through a constantly evolving membership. Not only do we provide unique products through our store and subscriptions, but we also try to expand the benefits we offer our community every chance we get.

All memberships to our community include:

Exclusive Deals and Discounts to Our Store and Partners

Monthly Delivery of a Freedom Box

Special Access to Our Premium Content & e-Guides

Admission to Our News Hub - Tailored to Our Members

Ability to Build a Custom Freedom Box ... Coming Soon!

Access to Our Video Library ... Coming Soon!

About Your Freedom Box

Every box is different, but each month you're guaranteed one (but usually at least two) unique items from our specially-sourced collections - delivered right to your door. Each box could include: stickers, patches, pens, collector or challenge coins, flags, mugs, shirts, home accents, decor and more!