Menacing citizens to maintain the Narrative™

Source: Hot Air

The Anglo-American world–by which I mean the English speaking countries–have been at the vanguard of establishing and protecting human rights over the past few centuries.

As the power of the monarchy in England receded the rights of individuals expanded. It was a relatively slow process, but the progress seemed inexorable. The Magna Carta established the rights of the nobility against the king, and by the time of the American revolution the idea that all of us have rights distinct from and above those of the sovereign was firmly entrenched. Our Bill of Rights was intended to enshrine these rights for as long as the United States existed.

Civil rights as a concept is largely an Anglo-American idea that has since spread around the world. It was easy to believe that the spread had an inevitable quality. The English and Americans pioneered, but liberal democratic values would win out in the end.

I used to believe that, but I no longer do. I fear that instead we are importing the authoritarian and totalitarian values of countries that followed the path of the  French Revolution, where the talk was all about the “Rights of Man,” but actions were all about forcing everybody to tow the ideological line–or else.

Ideologically there are two main paths taken since the 18th century. One is classically liberal, the other socialist.

Socialism is ascendent, and is spreading into the Anglo-American world.

You can see it everywhere. Crackdown on dissent in Canada, the New Zealand Prime Minister propose a UN speech police, American cancel culture, and Internet censorship rules in the UK. COVID was a perfect tool to use “emergency powers,” and once acquired the government is loath to give up any power at all.

There is nothing benign about any of it. It is authoritarian to its core. And its goal is to replace Liberal values with socialist/Marxist ones.

I once again bring this up due to a Twitter thread I read:

As much as I talk about transgender ideology, that isn’t the point here. The Sussex police are enforcing the Narrative™, and transgenderism is only the proximate cause of their threats. They would do this about any speech they consider out of bounds. They see suppression of “bad” ideas as their job. That is my point.

It is striking though, that they are “defending” the right of a serial sex abuser against being misgendered. It is as if they are more concerned about that than the fact that the person committed crimes against the kids.

Perhaps they are. Many of you may not remember, but the British police were so afraid of being accused of racism that they allowed “South Asian” men to rape women without consequence for over two decades. The Narrative™ that the immigrants were upstanding members of society was more important than the actual sexual abuse of children. In August 2014 a report commissioned to study the affair concluded that an estimated 1,400 children had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by British-Pakistani men.

Sweden has had similar issues with immigrants committing heinous sex crimes. That is a prominent reason the Right is ascendent there.

Average people are fighting back, but as you can see the powers-that-be are doing their best to suppress dissent on these and other issues. The elections in Sweden and Italy have been met with great consternation and even threats from the EU. This is going to be a long fight, and the Left has some of the most powerful tools ever devised at their disposal. They control finance and communications, and are beginning to use them against citizens.

Is it too late? There is only one way to find out, and that is to fight back with the few tools we have. Get out, get organized, talk to your neighbors, and don’t sit passively while they take away our civil rights.