Monday ‘Toon: What if Our Despot Wore a Powdered Wig?

Source: RedState

Pudding Brain is still on vacation but even Banana Republic despots have to have some fun, right? Joe is on a roll. Biden’s bill, formally known as “The Inflation Deduction Act,” now labeled, well, something not completely false, is about to be signed into law. In a rare moment of near-truth, Pelosi officially announced that it had nothing to do with reducing inflation — it’s really a sacrifice to an angry mother earth.  In lieu of a virgin tossed into a volcano, America will just sacrifice the economy and your wallet. Then, Pelosi got back into character and lied some more. We are about to spend monopoly money on climate gimmicks that will have no demonstrable effect on climate. The IRS will be bigger as our wallets get smaller. Pro tip: we don’t have a southern border — Joe put out the welcome mat.

Joe’s still in charge — in theory. The theory is that he’s not really in command. His second in command is a woman who sounds more like Billy Madison than James Madison. Joe’s angry little troll, Tony Fauci, also known as “The Science,” would love to play one more round of lockdown. Joe’s other angry little troll, Merrick Garland, is still seething over not sitting on the Supreme Court, so he’s intent on getting Trump on whatever crime he can invent. It makes sense. The DOJ and FBI have pretty much run out of selfie-taking grandmas to arrest, so Trump’s the target. Then, you — if you complain.

Maybe Biden will relaunch the Disinformation Governance Board and call it something witty and benign like “The Committee for Public Safety.” The media will willingly tag along, and agree with Joe Robespierre’s plans. It’s all for the best. You’ll thank the committee later. Don’t lose your head over it. Freedom is, so overrated.