Monogamy is next in line to go

Source: Hot Air

The slope keeps getting slipperier and slipperier. Monogamy is the next Western social norm to go on the chopping block.

An Atlanta City Councilwoman has “come out” a second time–this time as polyamorous. She came out as gay before, causing no consternation, but now she has revealed that she has been in a committed relationship with two women and that they plan to raise a family together.

The New York Post has the story, and it hits every Left-wing erogenous zone:

A local Georgia lawmaker has come out as nonmonogamous and revealed plans to start a family with her two female partners, declaring, “I’m in love with two wonderful people.”

Atlanta City Council member Liliana Bakhtiari, who became the first gay Muslim elected official in the state when she was voted in last year, disclosed her relationship status in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday.

Bakhtiari said she had already been with her partner, Kris Brown, for almost a decade when she met Sarah Al-Khayyal in late 2020 through a virtual nonmonogamy support group.

The trio then embarked on a relationship that they opted to keep secret — even throughout Bakhtiari’s local election campaign.

Bakhtiari, who is also nonbinary and goes by both she and they, said she wanted to come out about her relationship on her own terms to avoid a “scandal” as they plan to build a family together.

Gay, Muslim, non-binary, oddly pronoun-ed. She has it all. Will she come out as a furry next? She obviously is on a roll.

“We’re openly showing it and proud of it,” Bakhtiari said of their relationship.

“It should be destigmatized. It’s a very valid familial structure that people should embrace.”

They didn’t elaborate on what their family dynamics might look like.

Why would there be any stigma? Every single aspect of family life has been redefined over the past few years, so why not go all-in on this one as well? Until about 5 seconds ago everybody knew what a family was and it seemed to work pretty well for most people. But what the hell? Why not toss it all out the window and start over?

I have been making the case that destroying traditional family structure is a key component of the Left’s war on the West. The family is the fundamental social unit and every other social value that makes the West the West in some way or another depends upon that building block. That is why schools have gotten into the business of taking over moral instruction, making “health care” decisions such as enabling kids to “transition” without parental consent, and is bringing is drag queens to perform for students.

The elites are pushing fast and hard to destroy traditional values. Here’s a nice story on a Colorado news station celebrating an elementary school teacher who performs in drag.

Non-monagamy has been around as long as human beings have roamed the earth, and there are people who do make the case that it can be a healthy family structure. Color me skeptical. The correlation between a traditional family structure and advanced industrial societies is 100%, and the correlation between non-monogamous family structures and advanced societies is zero.

Is that proof that polyamory is destructive? No. It could be a far out coincidence. But it sure is strong evidence.

As much Liliana Bakhtiari in particular and the Left in general keeps expanding the definition of “valid familial structure,” the evidence that such families are healthy and will wind up raising healthy, happy, and productive kids doesn’t exist. It’s about as well established as the assertion that chopping off kid’s genitals is a great thing. Experts are trotted out to defend such practices, but they are simply gaslighting. I am not even certain they believe what they are saying themselves, and I am certain that their assertions are lies.

I don’t particularly care that Liliana Bakhtiari has a weird threesome gong on. She’s an adult, as are her partners. Lots of people have weird personal lives and if they keep them private I have no beef with them. And it’s not like every traditional family is happy and healthy, as much as we wish they were.

But these people are coming for the family, working all day every day to recruit our kids, redefine every social norm, and destroy our entire society. And they are not a fringe–they are the mainstream in the elite of our society. Our political and cultural elites are all in on this agenda. Watch that story of the Colorado elementary school teacher who loves drag. The news folks gush about how wonderful they are. We are supposed to applaud.

No. Not me. And you shouldn’t either. This is dangerous stuff and should be rejected.