My Son Hunter

Source: Power Line

I shelled out $21 to buy Breitbart’s new film, My Son Hunter. It is the story of the Biden crime family, as documented on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, brought to life. It is not a documentary; rather the film is a fictionalized version of the story. As Gina Carano, playing a Secret Service agent, says at the beginning: “This is not a true story…except for all the facts.”

So, how is it? Here are some of my impressions:

* My Son Hunter is entertaining, perhaps surprisingly so. Hunter’s world of drugs, booze, strippers and crime keeps your attention. The film’s approach is often surreal rather than naturalistic. It suffers from the fact that financial crimes are hard to dramatize, but does a pretty good job of conveying what the Bidens have been up to.

* Production values, to my amateur eye, are good. The movie was shot in Serbia. Laurence Fox, a British “out” conservative, plays Hunter, while John James is Joe. Neither actor looks or sounds much like the Bidens. The star of the film is Emma Gojkovic, an actress I’d never heard of who plays a stripper who gets to know Hunter, learns of the Bidens’ nefarious dealings, and ultimately displays a conscience. Ms. Gojkovic is good, and I hope she can still have a career after participating in a conservative film.

* The film acts out aspects of the Bidens’ corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China. Will it tell you anything you didn’t already know? Probably not, if you have followed those stories. The Chinese transactions remain murky. I do think that people who have followed the Biden scandals only casually and intermittently over the last two years will benefit from seeing them pulled together and dramatized.

* No doubt that is why liberals hate My Son Hunter so bitterly. See, for example, Salon’s screed.

So, is My Son Hunter worth a hard-earned $21? Your call. I think it is important to support conservative alternatives to our predominantly liberal culture, which is why I took the plunge. And the film is decidedly entertaining.