Nevada’s GOP Is RED HOT in Polling, While RINO Faction Whines

Source: RedState

Recent polls show Nevada’s GOP Nominees are blasting ahead of their Democrat incumbent opponents. As my RedState colleague, Joe Cunningham, reported Saturday, Trump-backed GOP Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt leads Senator Catherine Cortez Masto by two-and-a-half points. But the Red Wave news in the Silver State doesn’t end there. Republicans are pulling ahead in nearly all of the top-of-the-ticket races in the battleground state.

  • Current Clark County Sheriff and Trump-approved candidate for Governor, Joe Lombardo (R), is besting incumbent Governor Steve Sisolak (D) by two points.
  • Congressional District 3 Candidate April Becker (R) has her incumbent opponent, Rep. Suzy Lee (D) underwater by three points.
  • Congressional District 4 Candidate Sam Peters (R) is tied with Rep. Steven Horsford (D) at 43 percent.
  • Polling numbers in July for Congressional District 1, a seat Rep. Dina Titus (D) is white-knuckling in what she called, “The worst district in the state” after redistricting, showed her ahead of challenger Mark Robertson (R) by roughly four points.
  • Congressional District 2 Rep. Mark Amodei (R) is safely leading his re-election campaign by a cushy 11 points.

Republicans across Nevada and the nation should be galvanized by these numbers in a state that has Democrat majorities at every level of governance. But, you can’t make everyone happy by winning.

Danny Tarkanian listens during a campaign event Monday, June 11, 2018, in Las Vegas. Tarkanian was running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Rep. Amodei won his primary by 21 points against Douglas County Commissioner Danny Tarkanian. Aside from trying to replace NV’s only Republican in DC, and after failed campaigns in three of four congressional districts in the state (all four geographically, with redistricting) giving wins to current Congresswomen, Rep. Lee (D) in 2018, and Rep. Rosen (D) in 2016, the Tarkanian’s have become the mouthpiece of RINOism in the state. Rank and file Republicans are just trying to clean up the Tarkanian mess– while they roll in it. 

In a piece titled “Betraying the Base: Rogue GOP Faction Aims to Elect Democrats in Nevada… Again”, I reported that Commissioner Tarkanian’s wife, Amy, emerged as the de-facto leader of the Republicans for Democrats faction. Yes, Fakepublicans are campaigning for the Democrat incumbent for Attorney General instead of GOP firebrand, Sigal Chattah.

“The unofficial leader of the betrayal brigade appears to be Amy Tarkanian, who once was a Republican Party Chair until she quit and Michael McDonald was elected to the seat, which he has held since 2012. Tarkanian has been mad at McDonald and the state party on Twitter ever since.”

Since forging efforts to not elect Republicans, the Tarkanians have been removed by their peers in a unanimous vote from the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. Nye County Central Committee followed suit, voting to censure 16 Republicans including the Tarkanians, for being un-Republican. Thursday, from his public servant seat at the County Commission, Tarkanian read a PR email blast he sent to presumably his RINO-camp email list, asking in a poorly rehearsed theater voice,

“What was my dastardly deed!?”

Woe is me for how unsufferable the Tark-holes can be. He could have asked any one of the members on the central committee who ousted them about which anti-Republican act did ’em in. Instead, he asks into a public microphone while the world’s smallest violin plays. I’ll just take a stab at the DCRCC reasoning: The Republican Party doesn’t exist to get Democrats elected, RINO. 

Tone-deaf Danny Tarkanian goes on to use his public comment time to predictably slam Republicans including GOP candidate for State Treasurer, current Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore, and the NVGOP Chairman, Michael McDonald. Tarkanian alleges McDonald’s “failed leadership” has “put in peril the red wave Nevada should experience in November.” Amy Tarkanian mirrors the criticisms of Fiore on public access television.

Who are the Tarkanians to tell us what puts a red wave in peril after giving us Democrats in DC cycle after cycle and working in real-time to get D’s elected in the state? Plus, that is a helplessly stupid take on the state party as red-hot polls show GOP leads in top-of-the-ticket races.

WE have failed leadership? The NV Dems were taken over by… um, socialists, and the Harry Reid Machine’s protégé, Sen. Cortez-Masto (D), is among the most vulnerable in the nation.  Nobody likes Biden in the swing state, polling at 30 percent approval while Dem leadership is actively avoiding the administration. Nevada’s Hispanics are leaning Republican at a rapid pace.

If the Dems are hoping the Tarkanian’s low-brow brand of RINOism, in the 12th season of “Sad Amy hates McDonald,” can mop up the economic slaughter that stained the wave RED… that’s a hoot. In true Tarkanian fashion, I’ll just quote myself: